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Theory & Philosophy

Thoughts On The Total Money Makeover

Yes, that’s a $5,000 bill, which did actually exist at one time (as did the $10k and $100k bills). But that was before VISA-vis hell, Discovered in debt, Bastard Card, and American Express train to bankruptcy took away ou...

Alive One Minute, Saint The Next

I grow weary of people speaking of the recently departed as flawless, sinless individuals despite the life the person actually lived. There’s this fear of speaking ill of the dead that stays around for months and even yea...
Theory & Philosophy

Eight Quotes by C.S. Lewis

This has to be the most overused image of Lewis. That’s because it’s awesome. Look at the expression on his face as he stokes up the ol’ Longbottom Leaf. It’s like I just told him the punchline of a joke...


Top Fiver: Blacklisted Films

Imagine the worst movie you've ever seen, and then take that movie and replace the dialog with Chinese, the soundtrack with the constant squeak of a rusty shopping cart wheel, the lead actress with Angelina Jolie, and the direc...

Even The IRS Wouldn’t Stoop This Low

Hey, retired AOL using grandmas of the world. If you get this email, delete it immediately: Now that we’ve established the true point of this post, let’s delve into the grand gorge of gimcrack and discuss it for a b...

AJAX Your Existing ASP.NET 2.0 App

The Intarwebs are scary. Especially when they gots AJAX on them. Cuz it’s hard to get them out. There are so many elements that go into an ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX website: assemblies, controls, the script manager and whatnot. Do...

belichick gollum
belichick gollum
belichick gollum

Top Fiver: My Favourite Explosions

Actually, can I retract that? It’s really not appropriate to come up with any kind of favorites list when dealing with such topics as explosions, violence, war, etc. That being said, let’s do 2 things: 1. Realize no...

How To (Re)Name Your Blog

Finally, after a day of waiting, B has unveiled its new name: The Gimcrack Miscellany You wish you would’ve thought of that, don’t you. Why am I not surprised. I have received a bit of resistance to the rename, and ...
belichick gollum
belichick gollum
belichick gollum

New Blog Title Coming Soon

WTF was I thinking? I don’t think I had planned on taking my blog seriously. Now i regret the name because it’s not descriptive enough. The trouble is, the title “B” permeates my blog, especially through...