Seriously, NBC?!

I know what you're thinking: two Seriously?! posts about television networks, back to back? The economy is in bad shape, man, and it affects everyone. Or I watched a little too much TV this week. So, did you happen to catch any...

People Are Beginning To Agree That Twitter Is Dumb

I read an interesting article called Orphaned Tweets about the large number of people that sign up for Twitter, post one tweet, and never return. Well good golly I'm not the only on...
Men Vs. Women

Seriously, Multigrain Cheerios?!

Have you seen one of the worst commercials on television yet? It's a married couple in a kitchen that looks like it's from a mental institution (because it's all white washed and because the people in it are mentally insane) ta...


Why I Don’t Have AT&T UVerse (Yet)

This post is not anti-AT&T or any other provider. It is simply a factual comparison of prices for various cable/Internet services, which is a pretty hot topic right now. Hotter than your mom.

5 Best Uses Of Music In A Commercial

You know how the taste of something is like 50% based on smell, and communication is like 90% based on your body language? Well I submit that commercials are 100% based on the background music. The genius ad agencies are the...
belichick gollum
belichick gollum
belichick gollum

6 Reasons SNL Is Still Funny

Thanks to Hulu I can demonstrate for you first hand why Saturday Night Live is as funny as ever. These are ranked from really funny to extremely funny, and I tried to include a nice mixture of sketches, Digital Shorts, and fake...


Nike Commercial

Nike usually makes awesome commercials. This one is awesomest. If you ever find yourself not hyped up for football, watch the following video and you will experience instant hyped-up-ed-ness.
belichick gollum
belichick gollum
belichick gollum

“Jay Leno’s” Jerry McGuire-esque Memo

I just received a mass email containing a message that reminded me of the way Jerry McGuire wrote that memo, or mission statement, that totally went against the grain and was a huge risk on his part… and got him fired. Th...