9 Things That Seem Too Good To Be True (when you stop to think about them)

This is a guest post written by April McCulloh 1. Fireflies – tiny bugs that make the dark less scary and more like fantasy. 2. Whipped Cream – enough said, just look at this picture! 3. Swimming – the closest...

What Would You Do If You Were Rich?

This is probably one of the most popular questions people ask themselves. Well, this and: "should I have another volcano Taco?" The answer to that one's obvious. But the answer to the former is not so simple, is it? There are a...

UPDATE: Teen Paranormal Romance Is Ruining Classic Novels

Check it out, Pride & Prejudice has been re-released with the cliched "object against black background" cover and Twilight-esque title font. This will probably make some famous people who did some great things somewhere roll ov...


Haunted House Review: Indy ScreamPark

Fall is my favorite time of year for so many reasons. One of them is going to haunted houses in October. Why do I like haunted houses so much? You pay $10 to spend 2 minutes in a nasty building where high school kids jump out a...

Zach Galifianakis & Robert Downey Jr. In A Film Together!

It's like saying a Volcano Taco and a Gyro are in the same meal together! Only because they're both really good, not because the food bears any resemblance to the aforementioned actors. Speaking of, that should be Taco Bell's n...

Volkswagen Logo Totally Looks Like The WordPress Logo

Yesterday I was watching the boob tube and a Volkswagen commercial came on. At the end of the commercial I suddenly got the urge to blog, which hasn't happened in a LONG time. I wondered about the connection but then my program...


How Adjectives Differ By Gender

If some dude was transplanted from 50 years ago to a conversation happening today between two people about a third person, that dude would most likely get the wrong impression about the person being discussed. That's because wo...

Seriously, AciPhex?!

This is a thing. A real thing. It's a medication to treat acid reflux disease. What did they call it? AciPhex, naturally. Wait a second... AciPhex? Assiphex? Ass effects? No, no that can't be right. Well yes, actually, that's e...
Black Friday Watch

Bleak Friday

I have to work the Friday after Thanksgiving. I used to think this was a bad thing, and it seems like everyone else has that day off. But this year, after looking through the morbidly obese Sunday paper and seeing all of the "B...


Tallest Building In The World – Exterior Completed

The tallest structure ever built is complete. The Burj Dubai has been under construction since 2004, located in Dubai, UAE (that's in the Middle East if you don't know). It is one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever seen,...