I Am A Big Fan Of Gabriel Delahaye

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I already know of one Gabe who is really funny on the Internet, and that’s the one who writes for Penny Arcade. Surely there can’t be two Gabes who are really funny on the Internet. Well I have found a second Gabe who is even better than the first one. He is my favorite person in all of the Internet/TV/Movies/Culture/All this month.

Let me begin by introducing you to him in a way that will immediately show you what he’s all about. That way you can watch this first video and decide if A) you agree with me and want to find out more by reading the rest of the post and commenting about how much you agree, or B) you don’t agree and you don’t feel like wasting your time. Most bloggers wouldn’t be so courteous as to help you with major Internet decisions like this. TMG’s a little different. A special different.

Where Will Amazing Happen?

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I have been watching the NBA Playoffs this year. I don’t know why I have. I just have. I really like this year’s commercials because they make basketball seem good again even though it’s not good. It’s not good at all. But when you put it in black & white and add poignant piano music, it becomes epic.

The videos are after the jump. They get really good towards the bottom. Hint hint. What I mean by hint hint is that is they get funny. You gotta be kidding me that I have to spell things out like that.

Why I Don’t Have AT&T UVerse (Yet)

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This post is not anti-AT&T or any other provider. It is simply a factual comparison of prices for various cable/Internet services, which is a pretty hot topic right now. Hotter than your mom.

If You Could Have One Superpower…

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I just installed a new Wordpress plugin called Intense Debate. Have you ever posted a comment on Digg.com or some place that has a great comment system that lets you reply to peoples’ comments (comment threading) and rate other comments by voting up or down and wished you could have that on your blog? Well now you can with the click of a button, thanks to Intense Debate.

The Gimcrack Miscellany Turns 2 Years Old

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Two years ago today, on April 4th, 2007, the Gimcrack Miscellany (at that point named “B”) dove into the annals of Interwebbery with its first post. Since then, lives have been changed, baby kittens have been born and slaughtered (probably somewhere – I know that’s harsh), Taco Bell’s Volcano Taco has come and gone, thesixtyone.com rocked my world and now it sucks (maybe not to me, but to a lot of people), Cloverfield came out, Twitter made the world retarded, and your mom started using the word “fail” more often than an inner-city high school English teacher.

TheSixtyNine – April Fools

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I wonder if people will even notice. They even went to the trouble of changing the favicon. That’s what’s great about this site – people will probably be offended by the sexual reference, but Sam & James don’t care. They are truly doing this site exactly how they want to do it without selling out. This, along with the “Holy Sh*t” sound (from Unreal Tournament) that plays when you max-bump (now “max-heart”) a song, are what make me love this site. Oh yeah and the music’s great too. Check out Metric when you get a chance:

5 Short Clips To Help Us In Today’s Society

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With the recent political power shift and the sour turn of events in the global economy, there is a lot of discussion right now about big social issues like money, employment, same-sex marriage, and the Snuggie™. There are many ways to deal with these issues. You can try to help the less fortunate by giving people advice. You can be proactive and get into discussions and debates. You can research social issues historically and become less ignorant. You can do your part to be a good citizen by being responsible with your money, going green, and raising your kids the right way.

A good way that I have found to deal with these matters is to listen to what other smarter people had to say and try to use their ideas to help me make my own decisions. It helps me when I am faced with having to converse with someone that knows way more than me about the stock market for instance. Here are 5 short clips that can be essential learning tools from 5 of today’s greatest thinkers.

To Twitter Or Not?

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5 Things To Brighten Your Day

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It seems like everywhere I turn I’m pimp smacked by the hand of bad news. Doom and gloom abounds on TV, in the movies, and even everyday conversations with people. Our economy is dying. Both presidential candidates suck. Gas prices are way up. The Colts played terribly on Sunday. Global warming. Murder. Abortion. Capital punishment. [...]

“Stock Market”, “Dow”, “Shares”: Jibberish To Me

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“Holy cow, a new post on The Gimcrack Miscellany!” I know, I know. Taco Bell released the Volcano Taco. I’ve been busy. I don’t know if you’ve read in the papers lately, but the DJIA (?) is way down and the Nazz Deck (?) has lost a lot of points and the SMP-500 (stands for [...]

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