Black Friday Watch: Woman Camping Out At Best Buy Already

This woman is already in line for the Black Friday sale at a Best Buy in Florida. She is first in line. She is also the only one in line. That’s because today is Tuesday. She is taking a four day, three night excursion to… a parking lot. Let’s be extra liberal with the numbers and say she manages to get $1500 TV for $800, a $200 Bluray player for $80, and five $30 Bluray movies for $10. That’s a savings of $920. Let’s round it up to $1000 just to be safe. So, she has to spend a thousand to save a thousand, and she has to sit in a tent in a parking lot for several days. I have to be honest with you, I would rather work for those four days and earn $1000 without the humiliation. Even if I worked minimum wage, I would rather work four double shifts than sit in a parking lot for four days. And let’s not forget what is REALLY GOING ON HERE. They’re not handing her $1000. They’re knocking $1000 off of their 2nd tier products, which arguably aren’t worth buying in the first place (you should always buy 1st tier brands and products as you’ll save money in the long run by not having to buy replacements as often). Also noteworthy: this lady is stupid and probably also crazy a little. Here’s the video:

The worst part is near the end when she says “Thanksgiving isn’t just about going to someone’s house, cooking, watching football, etc…” What she means is that Thanksgiving isn’t just about that stuff, it’s also about buying junk on Black Friday. Let’s see, yeah… she’s right. It’s not just about that superficial stuff, right? But it seems like it’s not about Black Friday though either. I get this feeling deep down that it’s about something else, but what is it? I’m so confused. She has me really confused. She has brought up a good OH WAIT IT’S ABOUT GIVING THANKS. What it’s really about is explained IN THE NAME OF ITSELF. THANKS. GIVING. Jeez o pete, lady!

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