Heroes III: In The Wake Of Gods (WoG)


If you have never played Heroes of Might & Magic III (HOMM3), I highly recommend checking it out. I know everyone’s playing their fancy shmancy Wees, Ecksbockses, World of WoWcrafts and such nowadays, but I can attest that HOMM3 is some of the best fun I’ve ever had playing a video game. Of course, that’s coming from a guy that has logged over 1000 hours of Mario 3 in the past 2 months, so I might not be the most up-to-date gamer. At least I have a Wii. Plus I have the new Nintendo console. ROFL – I know.

Anyhoo, I know most of the visitors to this blog are looking for pics of Katy Perry or trying to find Ikariam tips, so to the one person that actually reads this post: you should try out this game if you are at all interested in RPGs, turn-based strategies, any type of fantasy, or simply if you’ve ever looked at a really good illustration of a dragon and thought “that’s pretty cool” – even if it was only for a split second until you remembered how dorky all that stuff is. You don’t have to tell anyone you read this, and no one will ever know you tried out the game. You have nothing to lose. It will be our little secret. Then you can go back to your “cool” empty life.

Look at the world view and lust:

“But Gimcracker, what’s this jive about ‘The Wake of Gods’? Is that a whole ‘nuther game?” Nope. It’s an expansion pack for HOMM3. THE expansion pack. It’s the best expansion pack ever made for any game or any thing, ever. It was made by the Russians so you know it’s good. Believe it or not, they still play HOMM3 over there. Especially in the towns where the Innerweb hasn’t been yet. And they thought to themselves, “You know what would make this game even better? Way more creatures, spells, artifacts, maps, skills, and heroes!”

Check out the Rampart town and salivate:

So, if you’ve never touched HOMM3 before, I would suggest buying Heroes III Complete from Amazon. You can get it for $13.50 after shipping and tax. That’s the cost of a CD. Come on, I saw you buy that Train album last year. That proves you can handle thirteen bucks even if it’s for something you’ll never use. And you know you’re tired of the rep grind in WoW. Admit it, your account is only still active because you’re afraid of the scorn of your friends if you quit. I have let that fear go.*

Peek at the battle screen and yearn:

That’s gotta be at least 1024 x 768.

After you play Heroes III Complete for a while and get to know the 7 different town types, you’re ready for the In The Wake of Gods expansion (click on that link, scroll down to “WoG 3.58f FILES” and download the allinon1.zip file. Unzip it, then run the native unpacker that you just unzipped, then run the install file.) Now you’re in for a world of fun. WoG presents you with so many new options that it is impossible to go through them all and understand them unless you’re already a seasoned HOMM3 player.

Feast your eyes on the character screen and crave:

In conclusion, you can go play all your new-fangled Halos and Call of Duties, or you can wait for Starcraft 2 or WOTLK expansion for WoW if you want to, but you know what? One day, when the Interscreens break, you will be stuck with Minesweeper and I’ll still have my HOMM3:WoG running. And then you will feel stupid for not listening to me.


*As soon as WOTLK comes out I am reactivating my account. Let the record show.

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