People Always Get These Two Songs Confused

I guarantee you have heard one of these songs and thought it was the other one, and vice versa. Speaking of vice versa, did you know it’s actually pronounced “vice-UH versa”? I didn’t. That’s stupid. It should be vice versa. Dumb Latin. Why is the word “Latino” so close to “Latin”? Why does ancient Greece or whatever come to mind when I think of Latin, but modern day Mexico come to mind when I think of Latino? That little “o” at the end makes all the difference, man. I am ignorant. Duh.

So imma lay out exactly what is in your mind. Close your eyes and clear your mind and think back to the glorious day you first saw Home Alone, one of the greatest movies of our time. Now zero in on the scene near the beginning where the family is frantically running around the house trying to get ready to go to the airport because they all woke up late (is that possible?). Remember the instantly classic music playing during that scene? If you have somehow forgotten, here it is:

So, obviously that’s from that Nutcracker thing by Chakovsky-something or other, right? Duh. Only, it’s not. Here is what you’re thinking of:

“Russian Dance” from The Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky):

That first one was a FREAKING RIP OFF by none other than the GREAT JAY-DOG WILLIAMS entitled “Holiday Flight” from the Home Alone soundtrack. Yep, John Williams stole Tchaikovsky’s sound, dude. It’s even in the same key!

Now that you know this important distinction, you are empowered and enabled to live a more fulfilled life. Go.

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