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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – BERATED!

Michael Bay is a 15 year old boy trapped in a man's body (and in the '90s). He gets older, his movies stay the same age. I don't know why I keep seeing his movies. I guess it is because when I was 15 I saw The Rock and it rocke...

Martin Scorcese’s New Movie Is Called “Shutter Island”

This is the first I've heard of his new movie (trailer after the jump). You probably know all about it and I'm way behind the times and all of that, but I still wanted to bring attention to it. Let's talk about a few things. Fi...

People Are Beginning To Agree That Twitter Is Dumb

I read an interesting article called Orphaned Tweets about the large number of people that sign up for Twitter, post one tweet, and never return. Well good golly I'm not the only on...


Reader Challenge: Can You Find The Weather?

By now we all use Gmail for our personal E-mail and most of us are utilizing a cool theme. You might be using Summer Ocean or Beach if you have a tropical vacation coming up. Maybe you use Phantasea or Mountains if you want to ...
Men Vs. Women

Seriously, Multigrain Cheerios?!

Have you seen one of the worst commercials on television yet? It's a married couple in a kitchen that looks like it's from a mental institution (because it's all white washed and because the people in it are mentally insane) ta...