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Slo-Mo Face Punching

Need I say more? Best video evar. You can view it embedded below, but there’s an even better version of it that I highly recommend here: Slo-Mo Face Punching.

5 Best Uses Of Music In A Commercial

You know how the taste of something is like 50% based on smell, and communication is like 90% based on your body language? Well I submit that commercials are 100% based on the background music. The genius ad agencies are the...

How Bad Is A Frappuccino®?

I was recently horrified to find out that someone I know drinks a Frappuccino every day. I don’t think there is a worse thing you could drink. It’s one of the best-tasting drinks around, but consequently it’s ...


5 Annoying Comedy Character Clichés

There's nothing worse than a cliché. They were obviously invented for a good reason. Sometimes you don't feel like explaining something the old-fashioned way, such as using logic and meaningful words, so it's easier to jus...

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

That’s a screenshot of Digg at around 11:00 AM on 9/18/08. What is wrong with that picture? You don’t have to look very close. 8 of the top 10 stories are anti-McCain/Palin and pro Obama. Why do I still read Digg? O...
I Can Has Cheezburger

Cats Are Funny. Here’s Proof.

Well my cat Remy just caught and killed a bird. She’s Basement Cat because she’s all black, so what did you expect? My wife flipped out because Remy was trying to revive the dead bird so she could play with it more,...


DeSean Jackson: Talented Idiot

In case you missed the Monday Night Football game last night between Philly and Dallas, I’d like to show you something. First of all, the game was amazing, and I don’t regret how tired I am this morning due to watch...

Jim Mora & Christian Lander: They’ve Got Something In Common

TV and football, that’s what. There’s a new Coors Light press conference commercial tonight during the opening game of the NFL, featuring Jim Mora. Hopefully it will be as funny as his first one: Also, if you’...

5 Most Annoying Cars

It’s a well known fact that during the course of a lifetime the average human spends about 42 years in the car. 99% of that time consists of driving in heavy traffic, which means there are other vehicles all around you. M...