Why Is No One Paying Attention To Ron Paul???

Two things happened today. First, I found my blog! I went to vacuum under my couch and there it was! It must have rolled under there a few months ago. Second, I watched a clip from The Daily Show with John Stewart and I actually agreed with it! Lately, I have been bothered by the republican presidential candidates and how they endlessly flap their jaws about banning gay marriage (THAT will save our country’s economic crisis!) and blaming democrats for all of the problems in this country. It is just as much the fault of republicans as it is democrats. And if you say any different, ask yourself why Washington has been equally dominated by ONLY these two parties, yet both the government and our nation’s debt has continued to increase over the last century?

So, it really bothers me that when a guy like Ron Paul comes along who does not change his beliefs based on popularity and consistently discusses issues at their philosophical foundations (instead of just flapping his jaw about how dumb and terrible [x] party is), he seems to be almost completely ignored by the media. I don’t watch The Daily Show and from the few clips I’ve seen I generally tend to disagree with it, but they really nailed this issue. Check out this clip that pretty much says it all:

Here’s an argument that I hear often coming from the right wing commentators: “the debt was increased by much more when Obama was in office than when Bush was in office” inferring that somehow this makes republicans right and democrats wrong. That’s such a load of crap. That’s the same logic as “Bob killed 23 people, but Jim only killed 11 people, so Jim is a good man.”

C’mon, media, seriously?!

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