Neil deGrasse Tyson – “Do you believe in god?”

See if you can spot the glaringly-wrong point the brilliant astrophysicist makes in this video.

In case you missed it, it’s at 2:45 when he defines what an “all-good” god is:

…[god is all-good] if we define “good” as being interested in your health and longevity – that’s a fair definition of being “good”, I would think.

If you boil down his religiously-distracting example to the principal point, you could basically argue that if anyone on Earth ever were to die, God could not be all-good.

I believe God is interested in our souls more-so than our physical bodies. The definition of “good” in the paradigm of God is that despite what happens to our physical bodies, he gives us complete freedom of will, so we can choose Him or not. Rather than being a tyrannical, controlling, manipulating, unfair God, he instead gives us whatever we want, whether that’s what he has in store for us, or what we have in store for ourselves. That is why he is indeed “all-good”. Not to mention He promises to restore our physical bodies, as well as the entire Earth, in the end. So I would actually prefer to call Him “double-good”, or even “all-gooder”, depending on the situation.

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