Cephalopod Reference Burst Theory™ Rears Its Bulbous Head

There has been an explosion of references to squid & octopuses (cephalopods) since my first post about them. I have been putting these references in the comments of the post so as not to clutter up The Gimcrack Miscellany, but with the two new references today this phenomenon needs to have its own post.

First, glance over the post about why i’m scared of cephalopods which was posted exactly 5 days ago. Then note the following sequence of various references since then, which combined are a classic example of Reference Burst Theory™.

1. My wife sent me this link she found on Yahoo news (she had not read my blog post at that time): http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080429/ap_on_sc/new_zealand_colossal_squid.

2. I was browsing Digg.com and saw this article on the front page: http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/science/04/30/colossal.squid/index.html

Here’s where it gets crazy.

3. I was on The Sixty One listening to some of my old favorites and noticed one of the songs had just changed its avatar to this:

4. Finally, I proceeded to go to the New section of The Sixty One and was shocked to see the following:

That’s right, two songs right next to each other, the first with an octopus as an avatar and the second mentioning tentacles (not to mention the guy in the picture sort of resembles an octopus).

I fully expect a giant squid to be sitting in my favorite chair when I get home.


Another article on Digg’s front page today: 8 Supersize Sea Monsters. Here’s an image from the article:

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