This Is Football

Week 15 brought us two snow covered games (Jacksonville @ Pittsburg and Buffalo @ Cleveland) that reminded me of what football is all about. I’m glad the Colts are getting a new stadium with a retractable roof that will hopefully get stuck open when it snows so we can have some awesome photos from our games too.

Here are some photos from 2007 week 15 from the NFL.

steelers 1

steelers 2

snow 3

snow 2

snow 3

snow 4

I have never seen the following photo from the 1988 NFC Divisional Playoff game between Chicago and Philladelphia, but I thought it was pretty cool. How can any of the fans see what’s going on? And forget about watching this game on T.V. But you know what, I don’t care if the refs can’t even see the game, THIS IS FOOTBALL.

bears 1

If you like these photos you should check out some more cool photos from’s Braving the Weather photo set.

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