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District 9 – Berated

District 9 is one of those rare gems where the cast is made up of entirely unknowns, directed by an unknown, and set in an unknown place (there's a city in South Africa with buildings? is South Africa like a country or somethin...
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Circle Of Life

This is today’s Penny Arcade comic strip. It is probably one of my favorite PA’s of all time. So simple. So Poignant. There should be another panel with Rorschach from Watchmen stalking Batman stalking the Splinter ...
Twitter Sucks

Study: 8.7% of Tweets Have Pass-Along Value

Twitter is a black hole. It is a singularity event. And it has been scientifically proven. I realize the image I made doesn't make sense because the Twitter bird should be the actual black hole, not being sucked into it. So? Wh...


Most People Like Terrible Movies

Seriously, moviegoers?! You liked Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen? There are two explanations for the way I feel about the downward-sloping overall quality of movies over the past few years. 1) I am getting older and my ...

NFL Theme Songs

Thursday, September 10th, at 8:30PM the Titans and Steelers will open the 2009 NFL season. I have embedded a convenient countdown timer for your benefit. Except I couldn't put in a time so it's counting down to midnight of Sept...