An Ode to the Colts of Two-Thousand and Ten

This about sums up our frustrating 2010 Colts season thus far. This poem was written by the Professor of Puns, the Friar of Funny, the Weaver of Wordplay, the Begetter of Brilliant, and the Teacher of Tongue-in-cheek, Jonathan Wey. Truly epic:

If Mike could dart
taking off like a Hart
he would fly like a fart in the wind.
Yet it’s always the same
with Brownie and James.
Oh, when will it ever end?!

If Manning were free
he would buzz like a bee
and complete it to Reggie or Blair.
If Charlie could block
we would see with a shock
that there’s room on the edge for Pierre.

When Sanders is back
the D will attack
with a Session of Powers and might.
They’ll pick up the slack
with a fumble and sack
at the mercy of Robert and Dwight.

The Gimcracker

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