Chris Merritt Likes Good Music Too!

Hey everyone, welcome to the all-new Gimcrack Miscellany! Just kidding it’s still the all-old Gimcrack Miscellany. That means I need to write more posts. So, there’s a guy named Chris Merritt that I really love for three main reasons: 1) he writes good music, 2) he is what I call a free-thinker, and 3) he listens to good music. A while back I wrote a brilliant and award-winning post about why Nickelback is an objectively bad band and why Radiohead is an objectively good band. I completely shredded Nickelback’s latest (at the time of writing) single called If Today Was Your Last Day. I just re-read the post after a long time and it’s amazing how much free time I used to have. I literally systematically ripped apart their song lyrics line by line. I’m such a meanie!

The point of this post, other than to shamelessly self-promote my stale old blog posts written in the days of yore (because I can’t do so on Twitter or Facebook since I don’t have accounts – doh!), is to share a quick little post Chris Merritt just wrote today about Radiohead. He has the EXACT SAME views as I do about the general state of today’s music. And he is 10x better of a writer than me, so stop reading this blog post and go read his! It’s short and to the point and funny, so it’s definitely worth your time and the bandwidth it will take for your computer to travel over to his site. Come back soon, legions of TGM readers!

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