Ikariam Alliances: Tips & Tricks of the Trade

I’ve been getting quite a few blog hits regarding Ikariam. The game is still so new that I was apparently one of the first wave of bloggers to mention it, and now The Gimcrack Miscellany is coming up in all sorts of search results for Ikariam. Rightly so, as a lot of the instructional verbiage sprinkled throughout the game has not yet been translated from German >> English >> l337 (so I can understand it).

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve figured out in Ikariam that may be of some assistance to you and yours.

How To Start An Alliance

So, you want to be an alliance leader? No you don’t. If that didn’t convince you, then here’s how.

  • Change your field of research to Seafaring.
  • Research Foreign Cultures.
  • Build your Embassy. The first level of your embassy gives you 3 diplomacy points, and each upgrade to the Embassy gives you 1 more point. To get hella points, build embassies in all your towns and get 3 points for each level 1 Embassy you build.
  • Click on your Embassy to create your alliance. This requires 3 diplomacy points, not a level 3 Embassy like it says at the top (it’s a misprint).
  • Name your alliance and come up with a “handle” or “alliance code” or whatever they call it. This is used to easily identify and list your alliance in the high scores list. So, if you name your alliance My Lil PWNies, your handle might be PWN or PWNY or something that uniquely represents the heart of your alliance.

Just like that, you are an alliance leader. But you’re extremely lonely because your alliance only has one member.

How To Invite People To Your Alliance

This is a little tricker. Growing your alliance requires diplomacy points. If you have, say, 6 diplomacy points, you need to transfer them to your alliance by clicking on your Embassy and selecting the “transfer diplomacy points” link in the left hand column. Each diplomacy point allows you to invite another person to your alliance. The question is, how do you invite them if you don’t speak German?

  • Click on the world view and find your friend who should be working but instead is playing Ikariam.
  • Click Diplomacy
  • You have to select the correct subject. This is where all the confusion in the world of Ikariam exists. If the geniuses at Gameforge.de would simply translate the 20 or so possible words that appear in this drop down list to English, the world would be a much better place. You’re trying to find the one that invites them to your alliance. Sadly, I can’t remember which one it is and I can’t view it in my account since I’m already a member of an alliance.

    I realize this is probably the only reason you are still reading this guide, and I’ve failed you. Here’s what I can tell you, it’s not the one that says “Kultur…something…” because that is for a cultural treaty. It’s also not the one that says “Handalsab…something…” because I think that one is for a military treaty.

  • Once you send the message, the person has to accept the invitation. All he has to do is click the Accept button in the message you sent him and he’s in!

Now you and your buddy can team up against that guy on your island who doesn’t even have an alliance. What? That guy just joined the #2 ranked alliance and is now ravaging you with his amassing army 6 times a day?

How To Leave Your Alliance Once You Figure Out You Can’t Really Lead One On Your Own

Go to your alliance page and disband your alliance (via the link on the left column). This way, you’ll get your diplomacy points back. If you hand over leadership or quit the alliance, I’m not sure what happens. Do you really want to find out? OK, so now you and your friend are homeless and angry and dirty and ready to get that guy back who’s been abusing you mentally, verbally, and sexually.

How To Join A Top Ranked Alliance


This is the most important step in the game. Capitalizing on other people’s work is what it’s all about. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, man, just ride the glory of a top ranked alliance so all the other n00bs on your island look at you with fear and trembling. I stock up resources like it’s y2k with the measliest defense you’ve ever seen. And I have not been attacked a single time.

It’s obviously because people see I’m part of something bigger and scarier that will come get you in your sleep if you mess with it. So how do you get into a top ranked alliance?

  • Click Highscore at the top of the page
  • Click Alliance Highscore in the left column
  • Look for an alliance that is ranked in the top 100 and that has an average score of 4000+ points (preferrably).
  • Click Write Message under the Actions column next to the alliance you want to apply for.
  • Write a very brief message to the diplomat. Just say your name, coords, and rank/points that you currently have. Also, ask him for the URL of the alliance forum. If he doesn’t know what you’re talking about, don’t join the alliance, because an external private forum is crucial to manage alliance communication.
  • Go to the forum and look for a post that says Alliance Application or some such jargon. Post a reply with the same information that you sent the diplomat in-game.
  • Rinse and repeat for 5 – 10 different alliances. You are probably not going to get into the first few that you choose, but being in an alliance at least in the top 100 is going to guarantee that you don’t get attacked near as much as being in no alliance, or an alliance between you and your best mate ranked in the bottom 100.

Every alliance has an external alliance page (within Ikariam) that is viewable to the public. This usually has forum information on it, as well as other information about the overall goals of the alliance. This page is not accessible in the Highscore section, and the only way I know how to get to it, unfortunately, is to know the coords of a member in the alliance. Once you have the coords, you can go to Island View, click on the player, and then click on their alliance name in the left column.

Good luck finding coords as they’re not publicly posted very often. Ikariam discourages posting of coords in their internal forums, so don’t bother trying to find them there either.

Once the alliance decides to recruit you, they will send you a message and all you have to do his hit the Accept button. Voila, you’re in!

I happen to be in the #1 ranked alliance on Gamma called 300 Spartans. Our alliance leader, Leonidas, also happens to be the #1 ranked player on our server out of 19,931 players. Since I’ve been in the alliance, I’ve had absolutely no problems with any other players, which is probably why I’m currently ranked #275. Just in case you were wondering, that’s inside the top .02 percent.


The best part is, you can do the same thing. Just follow these simple steps and you can ride on the coat tails of other people’s glory, and have a thriving, peaceful civilization that always reminds you of Age of Empires when you first glance at it and then you remember how much better that game was and how you wish it was browser-based so you could play it at work.


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