Make your own playlists

Finetune screenshot

You’ve probably been exposed to streaming radio sites such as Yahoo! Launchcast or Pandora Internet Radio. They’re cool sites and all, but some of them require more information than I want to give and constantly prod me to sign up for something. I’m not big on paying for music that I don’t get to keep.

I recently Stumbled Upon a site called Finetune and have been frolicking in custom playlist heaven ever since. I highly recommend you checking it out – you can even pull it into your MySpace page or include it right into your blog or personal website, just like I have done. That way everyone will know what you’re listening to, which is awesome because deep inside we are all really concerned with what music other people like… ok at least you can go to your own site and listen to music you like for free.

Check out the plug-in over there on the left.

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