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Paranormal Activity Berated

There's something inside of me that wants to be scared, and that's why I am constantly pursuing the feeling of fear, whether it's riding the most thrilling roller coaster on the face of the planet (Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar ...
Theory & Philosophy

Almost Perfect Liberal vs. Conservative Infographic

I don't really write political posts because I believe talking politics on a blog is like talking about your bills while you're on a tropical vacation. It's so pointless and boring that the only thing that could possibly motiva...

Mario 3: Things That Only Appear Once

Certain things stand the test of time. To name a few: The Beatles, Seinfeld, original Star Wars, and hhhhwhiskey. The question I want to ask, right here, right now, is hhhhwhy? Why do some things stand the test of time no matte...


All-Time Greatest Game Hero

Gamespot is doing a huge bracket with 64 of the greatest game heroes of all time. Currently it is the final round and the heroes battling for the championship are Mario and Gordon Freeman. View the widget in this blog post to v...

Tallest Building In The World – Exterior Completed

The tallest structure ever built is complete. The Burj Dubai has been under construction since 2004, located in Dubai, UAE (that's in the Middle East if you don't know). It is one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever seen,...