Funny Mac Bashing

We’ve all been watching for a few years while Mac bashes PC on the (sometimes) funny TV spots. I enjoy them. They’re better than local car dealership commercials, but not quite as funny as the referee training Bud Light commercial.

However, I think PC users are just starting to realize that Apple actually thinks it makes a better product. If that is the case, we either live in a communistic society or everyone is stupid, because it would seem like better products would make up a majority of the market share. That’s beside the point of this post.

I think PC users are starting to get annoyed by the Mac vs PC commercials because I’m beginning to see quite a few hilarious Mac bashing pics/videos in retaliation. If I had to explain it, I would put it this way: PC is the Death Star and Mac is the X-Wing bomber that misses the ventilation shaft. It doesn’t threaten PC, but PC’s gonna blow up all Mac’s planets in retaliation for messing with them (nevermind that the Death Star loses in the end, dangit).

OK, dumb allegory. Anyway, I picked out my top three favorite Mac bashing images for your enjoyment. This is all in fun, as I am not a Mac basher myself. I believe there is a time and place to use a PC just as there is a time and place to use a Mac. That doesn’t mean these aren’t funny.

The Commodore 64 vs Macbook Air

I saw this one on Digg a while back and now it’s pinned up to my cork board at my desk.

Shut Up

This is what we think about that cocky kid constantly bashing PC for having a glitchy operating system and tons of viruses. We all know Macs don’t have as many viruses because the more successful company with the larger market share is obviously going to be the target of a perpetrator whose primary goal is to infect the largest number of computers possible. And if you think Mac’s OS never glitches, think again.

Gay Test

Found this on Bandy Humor’s page of demotivational images, which is NSFW by the way and has a lot of trashy stuff mixed in with the funny stuff. If you want to see a bunch of safe for work demotivational posters, I recommend this page at Despair, Inc. This is one of my favorite images so far. I could never put my finger on what was wrong with this image until it was put into this demotivational template and given the subtext. Come to think of it, it’s entirely true. I’m a man – I want to tinker with stuff. I want to piece together my home theater system, take apart my car, and for goodness sake, you better let me customize my computer. (Note: the image itself is taken directly from an actual Mac advertisement)

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