5 Short Clips To Help Us In Today’s Society

With the recent political power shift and the sour turn of events in the global economy, there is a lot of discussion right now about big social issues like money, employment, same-sex marriage, and the Snuggie™. There are many ways to deal with these issues. You can try to help the less fortunate by giving people advice. You can be proactive and get into discussions and debates. You can research social issues historically and become less ignorant. You can do your part to be a good citizen by being responsible with your money, going green, and raising your kids the right way.

A good way that I have found to deal with these matters is to listen to what other smarter people had to say and try to use their ideas to help me make my own decisions. It helps me when I am faced with having to converse with someone that knows way more than me about the stock market for instance. Here are 5 short clips that can be essential learning tools from 5 of today’s greatest thinkers.

Sebastian Maniscalco

To me, that clip deals with our current economic crisis by showing you how to save money by cutting out unnecessary luxuries, like expensive restaurants.

Kirk Fox

I like that one because it details how to make the most of what you have and get by in life even when your credit history is not so hot.

Brian Regan

I think that one is important because it encourages us to try and spend a little money on recreational activities, and how by doing so we create jobs in the workforce.

Cedric the Entertainer (NSFW)

I love that one, as it deals with the touchy subject of same-sex marriage in a very respectful, insightful way that really makes you think.

Dane Cook (NSFW)

I think this one demonstrates how to have a two-way argument with the people we care about, which will help us while discussing all of the aforementioned important social issues.

Some would say that I found 5 of my favorite recent stand-up clips and used the “social issue” thing to justify posting them on my blog.

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