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Black Friday Watch

Black Friday Watch: Woman Camping Out At Best Buy Already

This woman is already in line for the Black Friday sale at a Best Buy in Florida. She is first in line. She is also the only one in line. That's because today is Tuesday. She is taking a four day, three night excursion to... a ...
Black Friday Watch

Black Friday Watch: SNL Black Friday Sketch

It's weird how so many of us get that Black Friday is terrible and evil. I think almost every single person gets it. Yet people will continue to be trampled this year. Such a weird, weird world we live in. SNL gets it:

UPDATE: Teen Paranormal Romance Is Ruining Classic Novels

Check it out, Pride & Prejudice has been re-released with the cliched "object against black background" cover and Twilight-esque title font. This will probably make some famous people who did some great things somewhere roll ov...


The “Teen Paranormal Romance” Genre at Barnes & Noble

Thanks, Twilight. Thanks for being the reason there is now a section in bookstores purely devoted to Teen Paranormal Romance. I'm serious, I saw it last week when I was at Barnes & Noble. I thought the first Twilight movie was ...
Black Friday Watch

Black Friday Watch: Best Buy Is Stupid

I guess you already know Best Buy is stupid, you don't need TGM to tell you that. I mean have you ever gone into a Best Buy? It's a bunch of kids dressed in blue polos who think they're too good for their customers, but they ac...

Seriously, Cops?!

Think about what's happening in our country right now. No, not the war, or the oil spill (is that fixed?), or the California missile, or WoW Cataclysm. I'm talking about something much more profoundly dumb than anything that is...

Black Friday Watch

Black Friday Watch: Hallmark Countdown To Christmas Ornament

Two weeks ago I was walking through Circle Centre mall in downtown Indy on my way to work and I noticed all the Christmas decorations were already up and I thought yeah, that makes sense, Christmas is only two MONTHS away. Then...

People Always Get These Two Songs Confused

I guarantee you have heard one of these songs and thought it was the other one, and vice versa. Speaking of vice versa, did you know it's actually pronounced "vice-UH versa"? I didn't. That's stupid. It should be vice versa. Du...