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Flight Of The Bumblebee

There’s something about musical prodigies that can cause me to waste an entire work day on Youtube. Today is Friday and I stayed up far past my bedtime last night. That means today is one of those days. I have compiled an...

‘Indiana Jones 4′: Epic Disappointment The Likes Of ‘Phantom Menace’

I don’t know what it is with George Lucas and terrible rehashes of once-untarnished film sagas. Everything he touches nowadays turns to dust. If you choose to see a Lucas film, you have chosen poorly. Maybe my brother put...

The Sixty One Tips: How To Bump A ‘Revive’ Song

With the release of the new unlocks on The Sixty One, there are a lot of people trying to bump old songs. Why? Because the newest unlock is called Lewis & Clark, and it requires you to bump songs in under-explored genres (...


Funny Mac Bashing

We’ve all been watching for a few years while Mac bashes PC on the (sometimes) funny TV spots. I enjoy them. They’re better than local car dealership commercials, but not quite as funny as the referee training Bud L...

Indianapolis To Host 2012 Super Bowl

You heard it here first! It’s not even on yet, so I can’t give you any other details other than I have received confirmation that we have won the 2012 Super Bowl bid for sure! GO COLTS!!! *Update* More info...


This is a simple, short instructional video on what it means to be a man. I want you to notice that Mario Bros. is mentioned. Now when my wife asks me why I play Mario 3 so often in my garage, I can direct her to this video and...


Prince Caspian

This movie scared me because I thought for a bit that I was not going to like it. Then I found myself trying to make myself like it, which only made me dislike it more. But in the end I was pleasantly surprised as to how well i...

Hypermilers = Stupid Drivers

On my daily web surf I came across this disturbing article. It details a guy who lives for hypermiling, which is a method of increasing your car’s gas mileage by making skillful changes in the way you drive, allowing you ...

‘Iron Man’ Irons Wrinkles Out Of Brain

That title is meant to be taken in a good way, although taken negatively it also aptly describes the movie. Iron Man is about the beginnings of a super hero: how the cockiest guy on Earth is convicted with the duty of saving hu...

belichick gollum
belichick gollum
belichick gollum

Wall-Painted Animation

People say what I’m about to say a lot, but in 13 months of blogging and 120 posts I have never said it. I’ve said similar things, but I haven’t made the following over-generalizing, cliched, oft-exaggerated b...