The Sixty One Tips: How To Bump A ‘Revive’ Song

With the release of the new unlocks on The Sixty One, there are a lot of people trying to bump old songs. Why? Because the newest unlock is called Lewis & Clark, and it requires you to bump songs in under-explored genres (classical, blues, country, hip-hop, jazz, r&b, reggae). Seeing as how I only care for about 2 of those genres, I’m struggling to find 50 songs to bump, or even 10 songs to bump 5 times each to equal up to the required 50 bumps needed to achieve level 1 status.

The problem is when a song is a month old it enters “revive” status, which means you are no longer able to bump it without dishing out 1000 points first to revive it. Most of the songs in the aforementioned genres have long since entered the revive graveyard. That leaves us with four possible options:

  • 1. Bump songs we really don’t like just to get the level 1 Lewis & Clark unlock
  • 2. Just wait until enough good songs come around to bump legitimately
  • 3. Spend 1000 points to revive every old song we want to bump
  • 4. Figure out a way to bump “revive” songs

Options 1 thru 3 are unacceptable for both the music purist and thesixtyone buff. And I have figured out how to accomplish number 4. While songs that are posted on the front page and on artists’ profiles do not let you bump them w/o reviving them first, the Browse section lets you bump any and all songs. So, if you are unfamiliar with a genre such as classical (one of the genres I do like), I recommend going to Browse and choosing the classical genre in the pull down menu. Then sort by bumps and you will be able to get a taste of the most popular tunes in this category to get you started. Most of the songs will be revive songs, but if you listen to the song and attempt to bump it directly from the Browse screen (without clicking the song and going to the artist profile) you will find success.

Hope this helps all you t61 listeners out there, and if you’re not on t61, get your butt there because it’s the best thing that has happened to me on the Intartubes since Digg. See this post for more information on thesixtyone.

I’m sorry if this is an obvious feature, but I’ve been using the site for 5 months and I never knew about it, so I hope at least someone out there gets some helpful information from this post.

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