OK, Enough With The Roller Derby Stuff

I feel like roller derby thinks it’s going to rise up and become a prominent force in our society much like NFL or McDonalds or Paul Walker (just kidding) and I want to sit roller derby down and say to her “you are tenacious but please – enough already” because seriously IT’S FOR LESBIANS. It’s OK that it’s for lesbians, and I am not bashing lesbians in any way shape or form. But the fact is that if something is targeted to such a small slice of the population, it’s not going to become mainstream enough to have any kind of bearing on our culture.

I know a few guys that have the desire to watch roller derby too (I still think it exists mainly for and because of feminist lesbians – it’s like women’s softball except it doesn’t have the companion sport of men’s softball to garner interest from the other half of the population – I’m not hating, just stating…), but it’s a fact that roller derby takes itself too seriously when clearly it’s not meant to be taken seriously in the first place. Um, I hope. Come on The Garden of Heathen – seriously? Wait, stop, everyone listen to that word I just typed: HEATHEN. You can’t ignore that word. No, I’m not being overly sensitive. A heathen is an unconverted member of a people or nation that does not acknowledge the God of the Bible.

My point is, either roller derby doesn’t take itself seriously (hence the “heathen” stuff), or it DOES take itself seriously. If the former is true, then I’m right and it’s just a passing fad like the Skippit and it can go away now because it’s already cliched. If the latter is true, then I’m wrong but we have a much bigger problem here folks: no one believes in God anymore.

Sorry for the depressing/self-righteous post. This ought to patch things up between us:

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