Best Fails of 2009 Proves “Oohh!!” Is Our Natural Reaction To Failure


There are two levels of Fail. If a fail places in the “miniscule to minor” range, the reaction is always laughter. If the fail falls anywhere above that range, the reaction is always “Oohh!!” – regardless of language spoken. This video proves it. For example, watch the three clips in a row starting at 47 seconds in. The reactions are always “Oohh!!” because the person might be hurt. The very next clip (55 seconds) where the dude falls off the rock in the water merits laughter because he’s obviously not hurt. The only exception to this rule is if a woman is filming the fail, in which case the reaction is a scream.

Best Fails of 2009 – watch more funny videos

1:13 with the dude jumping across the little ditch is hilarious. 1:40 with the guy roundhouse kicking the dude is epic pwnage. 2:33 with the bus almost hitting the man is amazingly miraculous. 3:58 where the dog flies up in the air is surprisingly funny. 4:10 with the exploding bottle rocket is possibly the best video I’ve ever seen – and I’ve seen some pretty funny bottle rocket videos. Watch it a few times in a row. You might wet yourself. 4:48 where the guy runs up the crates is something I definitely want to try before I die. He almost makes it! I don’t even really consider that one a fail.

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