Mythbusters Pancakes A Car

Do you sort of watch Mythbusters if you happen to flip to it when there’s not really anything else on and then you keep watching because you enjoy how much the chick looks like the annoying Progressive commercial lady and how sorta cool the stuff they do is sometimes a little bit? If so, you’ll probably have the same initial reaction to this video as I did: “meh, i’ll watch it.” Trust me, after you watch it, your reaction will change a bit: “holy eff i’m bloggin this!” Too bad you don’t have a blog though. And if you Twitter it I will disable your Twitter account because I know how to do that.

Pay close attention to the super-slow speed footage at 3:11. Where does the car go? I don’t know the answer to that. How do explosions happen? Where do things go? Who decides which pieces are left, how big they are, and where they land?

The Gimcracker

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