One Response to “Orthodox Paradox I: Introduction”

  1. Christopher McCulloh 17 April 2007 at 2:06 pm #

    Dude. I hear you.

    This is why we drive to Crawfordsville every week for church. If you want to start hitching a ride, I will be happy to pick you up and bring you home. Then you would see Luke and Janna every Sunday too…

    Not everything is 100% peachy keen at C’ville, but we’ve almost doubled our members since I started going there. If the C’ville church did not exist, I would have a VERY HARD TIME not being protestant. I have not yet been to another Orthodox church that I would be able to go to week after week. Then again, I have not yet been to a protestant church that I could go to more often than Easter Sunday…

    For the few flaws C’ville has, it’s worth it, and for the most part the flaws are just the kind of things you roll your eyes at.

    And just think, if you went to C’ville, you’d get to see your little brother, and your family more often. Four square anyone? ;)

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