Why I Hate Twitter: Part III

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Because Biz Stone, the founder of Twitter, reminds me of every annoying Apple fan boy I’ve ever met.

Chewbacca Chord On Guitar

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You know how it seems like there’s nothing left to discover?

TheSixtyNine – April Fools

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I wonder if people will even notice. They even went to the trouble of changing the favicon. That’s what’s great about this site – people will probably be offended by the sexual reference, but Sam & James don’t care. They are truly doing this site exactly how they want to do it without selling out. This, along with the “Holy Sh*t” sound (from Unreal Tournament) that plays when you max-bump (now “max-heart”) a song, are what make me love this site. Oh yeah and the music’s great too. Check out Metric when you get a chance:

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