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  1. Daniel 3 July 2010 at 5:17 am #

    They should make a movie about the Old Alton Bridge. This is a little bit of the legends of the Goatman's bridge.

    There have been several disappearances on and around Old Alton Bridge. Most notably, one that occurred November 15th 1967. The Denton newspaper at the time did an article on a mustang found abandoned on the bridge and there were lots of people that reported other missing persons linked to the Goatman's bridge and the Goat man.

    The story is that Klansmen raided the house of the Goatman, Oscar Washburn, and killed his family after attempting to lynch him over the side. The legend says that he disappeared over the side and now attacks anyone who crosses the bridge at night in an effort to protect his family.

    You can see a video on this story at Paranormal real

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