The World Without Us

Posted by The Gimcracker in Science, Stuff On The Internet on 30. Aug, 2007 | 5 Comments

Did you know that if humans disappeared today, in a few thousand years the Chunnel would be the only man-made structure left? Did you know that if humans disappeared today, the Panama Canal would close and reconnect North and South America? Did you know that if humans disappeared today, in 4.5 billion years the depleted [...]

Celebrities Die In Threes, And So Do Cats

Posted by The Gimcracker in Reference Burst Theory on 27. Aug, 2007 | 26 Comments

We know that celebrities die in threes, even though some people don’t seem to think it’s that simple. But I have always found my reference burst theory to be very interesting. It’s based out of a very scientific idea that things seem to get referenced all of the sudden multiple times in a short period, [...]

Deezer: French for Music. Or Weezer. Not Sure Yet.

Posted by The Gimcracker in Music, Stuff On The Internet on 23. Aug, 2007 | No Comments

Once upon a time there was a site called Blogmusik or something like that. Well, long story short, they faced legal troubles due to their music distribution policies, but ultimately won in the end, changing their name to Deezer to mark the occasion. It’s a French site but the only time you’ll ever know the [...]

Transformers: 4/10 Berating

Posted by The Gimcracker in Beratings, Movies on 21. Aug, 2007 | 11 Comments

I understand this is a little belated. I understand 10,000 people have blogged on this film. I understand everyone and their mom has seen it and loved it. You’re still not getting out of your Berating. I’m just putting it out there – you’re welcome to pick it up or send it right back my [...]

How To Easily Center A Web Page

Posted by The Gimcracker in Technology on 13. Aug, 2007 | 11 Comments

I used to try all kinds of sizing techniques and non-xhtml compliant methods. I tried absolutely positioning a div tag by giving it a left:20% and right:20% attribute, but this didn’t work in all browsers (I’m looking your direction, IE). I tried wrapping the whole div tag in a ‘center’ element, but we won’t even [...]

The Bourne Ultimatum: 1/10 Berating

Posted by The Gimcracker in Beratings, Movies on 06. Aug, 2007 | 6 Comments

The Bourne Ultimatum is the third and final installment of the trilogy about former CIA assassin Jason Bourne. I must say, I was blown away. The Good The cinematography, score, directing, acting, stunt effects, and plethora of settings were all superb. This movie did something that few movies are able to accomplish, especially in this [...]

Snow Patrol Again; This Time 1st Row

Posted by The Gimcracker in Music on 05. Aug, 2007 | 4 Comments

The show was shorter but the venue was much better than when we saw them in Chicago at The Aragon. They still interacted with the crowd just like in Chicago and they still played their songs with amazing energy and spirit. This was the last show of their North American tour, and possibly their entire [...]

1408 Pleasantly Surprises; Receives 3/10 Berating

Posted by The Gimcracker in Beratings, Movies on 18. Jul, 2007 | 2 Comments

I was expecting one of two things, either a supernatural demon/spirit filled journey into the depths of hades, or a slasher film. 1408 was neither (although closer to the former than the latter). Think The Shining meets Identity. The Good John Cusack one-mans most of the movie (based on a short story by Stephen King) [...]

‘B’ Boastfully Backs Beloved ‘B4 Blog’ Brother Blogger Because Brand-new Blog Brings Brilliant Brainwork: ‘By the Narrow Gate’

Posted by The Gimcracker in Blogging on 17. Jul, 2007 | 7 Comments

Jonathan Wey is writing again. That’s all you need to know. Not since Dragons Buried on High have we been privileged with such an uninhibited glimpse into such a unique mind. He is a MUCH better writer than I (I’m talking LITS here) and you can tell that he meticulously prepares each and every post. [...]

Beratings Cometh

Posted by The Gimcracker in Beratings, Movies on 11. Jul, 2007 | 3 Comments

Don’t you hate it when that list of 10 movies you’ve been dying to see suddenly escapes your memory as soon as you enter Blockbuster? I’ve decided to start rating the movies I’ve seen, not because I think anyone actually cares what my opinion is, but because I find myself frequently forgetting what they were [...]

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