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  1. Top 74 Film Scores of All Time! (or rather, my personal favorite 74 film scores of all time) « By the Narrow Gate…

    [...] doing a post on my top-ten favorite movie soundtracks. (Perhaps I was inspired by? the forthcoming? Bri-Bri’s Beratings). I realized right away just how difficult? this? would be. Do I really have to choose only ten? [...]

  2. B » Blog Archive » Transformers Berating

    [...] the unbelievable events of Transformers. Just to be clear, and in case you don’t know about the Beratings instructional kit, I’m not talking about what the movie is intentionally selling me. For instance, I believe [...]

  3. The Gimcrack Miscellany » Blog Archive » Top Fiver: Blacklisted Films

    [...] Berating: (what’s a Berating?) Acting – 2 beratings Plot – 2 beratings Inconsistencies – I don’t remember Unbelievable [...]

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