Chewbacca Chord On Guitar

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You know how it seems like there’s nothing left to discover?

TheSixtyNine – April Fools

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I wonder if people will even notice. They even went to the trouble of changing the favicon. That’s what’s great about this site – people will probably be offended by the sexual reference, but Sam & James don’t care. They are truly doing this site exactly how they want to do it without selling out. This, along with the “Holy Sh*t” sound (from Unreal Tournament) that plays when you max-bump (now “max-heart”) a song, are what make me love this site. Oh yeah and the music’s great too. Check out Metric when you get a chance:

Why I Am A Libertarian

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I am a Libertarian because there is a huge difference between the following two phrases:

A) The government should protect us from ourselves.

B) The government should protect us from others.

Why Twitter Is Stupid, Part II

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A lot of people like to use Twitter to “stay connected”. Here is what I think of those people.

Top 5 Household “Man Zones”

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So you got married. Good for you! You are now living in perfect harmony. Well, you thought you would be living in perfect harmony, right? At least you were hopeful of that, right? Well as you’ve probably found out, that isn’t possible.

Not to worry! I have found the solution. You can give your relationship a real boost in the right direction by creating a “man zone” for yourself and your fellow idiot man friends who have also ended their lives in marriage (I mean that in a positive way).

IQ Fail

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Found this on Facebook today. It’s comforting to know that even if I do take the ad-ridden crappy IQ test and jump through all the hoops to find out my highly inaccurate IQ score and happen to somehow not score as highly as Jessica Simpson who I really believe sat down and actually took this same test, at least I’ll know I’m smarter than the person that wrote the ad.

5 Short Clips To Help Us In Today’s Society

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With the recent political power shift and the sour turn of events in the global economy, there is a lot of discussion right now about big social issues like money, employment, same-sex marriage, and the Snuggie™. There are many ways to deal with these issues. You can try to help the less fortunate by giving people advice. You can be proactive and get into discussions and debates. You can research social issues historically and become less ignorant. You can do your part to be a good citizen by being responsible with your money, going green, and raising your kids the right way.

A good way that I have found to deal with these matters is to listen to what other smarter people had to say and try to use their ideas to help me make my own decisions. It helps me when I am faced with having to converse with someone that knows way more than me about the stock market for instance. Here are 5 short clips that can be essential learning tools from 5 of today’s greatest thinkers.

Tony Dungy Short Retrospective Video on

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Tony Dungy has retired from the game of football as many have predicted he would this season. I’m very sad to see him go as he is one of the most respected coaches in all of football, and one of the most dignified men ever to have played the game. I actually am looking forward to all the segments on Sportscenter over the next few weeks and all of the commentary on why he should or shouldn’t have retired, because it will be nice to see how widely respected he is around the league.

Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs

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This video goes to show that you that not everyone on TV is an idiot. Mike Rowe is a changed man from his experience on Dirty Jobs, and this talk he gives at a conference in Silicon Valley is very insightful. I always thought he just read from cue cards like every other character on TV, but now I realize he’s the one writing them.

Soundtrack To Get You Going At Work

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I need to be inspired to be productive. There is no intrinsic desire within me to work, trust me. There are lots of things that can inspire me to work, most of them having to do with music. We all have playlists of our favorite songs to get us motivated to work, hype us up for sports, or prepare us to party on a Friday night.

There are a lot of good songs out there to listen to for any number of reasons. But there is nothing like a good film score to motivate you. I’ve got plenty of soundtracks queued up in iTunes for just such occasions, and I tap my film score playlist up to 2-3 times per week.

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