One Response to “I Found Another Person Who Thinks Most Moviegoers Are Dumb!”

  1. JesseKNO 29 June 2010 at 7:37 pm #

    I agree with what you're saying, and I like the article, but I am SOOO tired of hearing people like that author say what they think are incredible insightful things about the 'public' like their some professor observing us from a petri dish.

    No, we do know better. Movies like that are fun (not good, fun). People like to have fun. If I took you to my backyard, where I had stacked about 40 pounds of C4 underneath a dump truck and blew it up – would you say 'Oh God, how boring and cliche and stupid, *yawn*'. or would you wet your pants and talk like dudes in a mountain dew commercial? Now make a movie with missiles and buildings exploding and its fun!

    People flock to these movies because ITS REAL DAMN HARD TO MAKE A GOOD MOVIE. So we fall back to explosions and alien genocides for good times. If it were easy to make great movies, everyone would be millionaires. Then we could afford all that C4.

    Can't wait for inception!


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