I’m Calling Inception

Once upon a time there was a strange and mysterious trailer for an unknown film called The Matrix. Upon seeing this trailer, something inside me told me it was going to be huge. I would say to people “I can’t wait to see The Matrix! Have you seen the trailer yet?” and no one would know what I was talking about. Then it came out and it turned out I was right and that it was huge. A few years later I saw a preview for a little show called The Office, and the same thing happened again. No one knew what it was or seemed to care, but for some reason I had a feeling about it. Well today I’m officially calling Inception. We’ll see if I’m right, come July 16th. Here is the trailer. Wow.

The Gimcracker

Hi, I'm a person who blogs on the Internet and does not have a Facebook or Twitter account. It's like I accepted all new technology up to and including blogging, but then I rejected anything that came along after that. I am Social Media Amish.