I Found Another Person Who Thinks Most Moviegoers Are Dumb!

There is a link to an amazing article at the end of this blog post. But, before you click the link, you must agree with the following 8 statements. If you do not agree to all of them – ALL OF THEM – you are not allowed to click the link. I will be watching you as you read the statements and analyze them in your head. I have a plugin which notifies me by IP address when someone accesses my blog, lets me actually see back at them using their computer’s web cam, and then lets me disable the link so they can’t click it. I can usually tell by someone’s facial expression if they agree or disagree with a statement that is made. So, unless you A) don’t have a web cam, or B) have a great poker face, this applies to you. Yes, I went to all that work just to disable a link. That’s how important the topic at hand is. So, do you agree or disagree with the following 8 statements?

  1. I get sick of all the Hollywood blockbusters that are churned out every other week.
  2. I have decided not to pay $10 to go see Transformers 3 when it comes out in theaters and instead wait and see it on DVD, if I even see it at all.
  3. I appreciated at least one of Christopher Nolan’s previous films for being smarter than the average Hollywood blockbuster (Memento, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight).
  4. Critics have said Christopher Nolan’s next film, Inception, might be “too smart” for moviegoers. That fact makes me want to see Inception even more than I already did.
  5. I agree with everything stated in this previous TGM post: Most People Like Terrible Movies
  6. I agree with everything stated in this previous TGM post: Transformers Berated
  7. I agree with everything stated in this previous TGM post: I’m Calling Inception
  8. I hope Michael Bay slips on a stack of his million dollar bills and becomes paralyzed so he can no longer make any films ever. (Seriously, you need to agree with this one. He’s about to make another reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. ANOTHER.)

If you agreed with all 8 of those, click on this link and read this awesome article written by someone who actually has good taste in movies. It’s basically an article saying what I’ve been saying all along, except written by an actual smart person who has higher than a 7th grade level of vocabulary. It pretty much bashes Transformers 2 and all other mindless movies like that, and glorifies smart movies like Inception. Here’s a little taste of how good this person is at writing to whet your appetite:

Audiences are a hungry breed. They want to have something to eat every single weekend and studios spend months preparing those meals. Yet, often there is nothing to “digest” at all — there is no substance to the meal, i.e. nothing for an audience member to contemplate later. It simply is what it is: filler, a snack, empty calories. Yet, as much as we complain about fluff films — as most summer blockbusters are — we all flock to the next big blockbuster. Maybe we just don’t know any better?

Here’s the article*

*If you did not agree with all the statements, yet you were able to click that link, then I hope you feel immense shame that grows with each word that you read. I still love you, but it’s called “tough love”, and it’s the only way you’ll learn.

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