Blizzard Pays You to Smoke Play Their Crack Game

Posted by The Gimcracker in Gaming, News on 04. May, 2007 | 5 Comments

Yes, those are World of Warcraft credit cards. Yes, puppies will start dying soon. There was a time when I thought the maker of World of Warcraft had a soul. But I recently found out yet again that a corporation cannot have a soul any more than a Mac user can have respect for a [...]

Minority Reportyness

Posted by The Gimcracker in Science on 03. May, 2007 | 3 Comments

I think we’ll be there by 2025, thanks to Perceptive Pixel. I just randomly picked that year by the way.

Finally found some decent wallpapers

Posted by The Gimcracker in Stuff On The Internet on 03. May, 2007 | 2 Comments

Gyah! Three website posts in a row? I guess I’ve been stumbling around a little too much this week. I’ve had the same desktop wallpaper for over a month. That is a record. I was staring at my awesome infrared x-ray night vision shot of the sun in all it’s solar flare and sun spot [...]

Notoriously bland Google gets some color

Posted by The Gimcracker in Stuff On The Internet on 02. May, 2007 | 2 Comments

The Google I’ve always known and loved is ugly. Well, actually it’s beautiful if you love simplicity, so ugly might be the wrong word. Let’s put it this way: it’s bland. But that’s OK because it works for Google and it gives a sense of stability and official..ity…ness. Needless to say I was surprised to [...]

Creating websites just got a whole lot easier

Posted by The Gimcracker in Stuff On The Internet on 30. Apr, 2007 | No Comments

When developing purely informational sites, or “brochure” sites as some call them, I used to spend most of my time creating, un-creating, and re-creating style. “Hmm… that color doesn’t look right there.” “That line’s way too thick.” “I can’t believe I was going to put that background image there.” After completing the initial draft of [...]

Top Fiver #1: Favorite Azerothian Zones

Posted by The Gimcracker in Gaming, Top Fivers on 25. Apr, 2007 | No Comments

I spent so much time recently in Outlands with my level 70 paladin that I started getting pretty nostalgic about life back in good ol’ Azeroth. I created a few new characters, namely my tauren druid, and I’ve been loving the simple life of the 10s and 20s. I recently got my night elf priest [...]

Orthodox Paradox II: Not Actually Black & White

Posted by The Gimcracker in Theory & Philosophy on 23. Apr, 2007 | No Comments

I’ve introduced this topic with grumblings mostly on the semantics of how our parish worships, specifically length of service and singing scripture readings instead of speaking them. I’m going to continue doing that same thing here. I will make conclusions and give explanations as to why it is so important a little later. Please keep in mind that I am speaking in the context of my parish unless otherwise noted.

Why do we do things the way we do? There have thus far been two ways of looking it, and I can boil it down rather simply. Either change things to suit you and risk opening up the possiblity of endless change, or never change anything and do not allow for that possibility. The Protestants ultimately came to be because someone changed one thing that was undoubtedly a very valid point. In doing so, however, the line was pushed and has never been reestablished, which explains why there is such a huge difference between Orthodox, Catholics, and Protestants.

I disagree with this line of thought; it is not actually black and white. First I will explain why it shouldn’t be, and then I will explain how it actually isn’t.

CSS Templates

Posted by The Gimcracker in Stuff On The Internet on 19. Apr, 2007 | No Comments

It’s always nice to avoid starting from scratch, in this case when making a website. There are lots of website templates out there that let you plug your content right in, but what if you actually want to do some of the style yourself? Here’s some templates that provide style structure without forcing you into [...]

Wow, WoW’s still going strong

Posted by The Gimcracker in Gaming on 18. Apr, 2007 | No Comments

I don’t think I’ve ever played a game as consistently as I’ve played WoW the past 16 months. There are only two games I’ve played that have rivaled WoW in /played time, and they are Heroes of Might & Magic III and Half Life 2/Counter-Strike: Source. I’m sitting here with a 70 paladin with 23 [...]

Orthodox Paradox I: Introduction

Posted by The Gimcracker in Theory & Philosophy on 17. Apr, 2007 | 1 Comment

I am an Orthodox Christian and have been my whole life. Most of my friends and family are as well. It would probably shake things up a bit if I suddenly switched to another denomination, let alone another parish. The trouble is, I have wanted to do that on a number of occasions, and that [...]

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