220 Responses to “Katy Perry Looks Like Zooey Deschanel”

  1. Fenwick 30 August 2010 at 8:57 pm #

    Don't forget EMILY BLUNT!!! She looks like both of them! :)

  2. asureviolet 8 September 2010 at 9:33 pm #

    haha ! i knw Emily Deschanel before i knw Zooey . so when i saw Emily, i thought that she and katy were sisters so i look it up & thought that i was right but then i read Emily's sister's name is Zooey & i go like 'if Emily look like Katy Perry, Zooey look exactly like Katy !' but apearently, i love the three of them not because they look alike ! :D

  3. Jer 18 September 2010 at 6:04 pm #

    omg i got #4 wrong :-(

  4. Cameron 17 October 2010 at 9:02 pm #

    Breast size gives it away lol

  5. Jess 21 October 2010 at 4:49 pm #

    You can tell them apart from the amount of cleavage. Katy Perry's income is directly linked to the amount of skanktitude displayed.

  6. lolol 31 October 2010 at 4:10 pm #

    katy has bigger boobs so it was easy, 8/8 ;)

  7. mcgeesorg 3 November 2010 at 4:50 am #

    I found this through a Google search — for ["katy perry" "zooey deschanel"], if you keep track of such things. I saw a profile shot of a woman in a YouTube page background yesterday, and wondered if it were Zooey Deschanel. Then *today* I saw, for the first time, a picture of Katy Perry, and thought it more likely that Perry was the pictured woman (Deschanel is a talented singer, but is not billed as a solo act.)

    So, useful post. For the record, I got all but the last correctly. And {sigh} that's the one with the necklace with the identifying text on it, innit? :-)


  8. Xander 5 November 2010 at 10:37 am #

    8/8 cause I'm obsessed with both of them

  9. rohizzle 6 December 2010 at 2:10 am #

    this is a bit perverted but katy perry's boobs are bigger than zooey's; so it's easy to tell them apart

  10. paddy 19 December 2010 at 12:50 am #


  11. nicki 24 December 2010 at 7:24 am #

    Not only do they look alike but their voice is pretty much the same too. I noticed that today when I saw Katy Perry talking on ProActive i think it is strange but very cool!

  12. Duncan 24 December 2010 at 5:35 pm #

    But the question is, do they SMELL alike?

  13. john 21 January 2011 at 12:58 am #

    You're a dumbass, they are both musicians, Zooey just happens to be an actress as well.

  14. Liser 21 January 2011 at 2:19 pm #

    Wow. Okay, some thoughts, Part 2:
    3- Deschanel and Perry did NOT become famous at the same time. Didn't anyone friggin' see Almost Famous?!?! That was her first or second movie I think, and it came out in 2000. Katy Perry didn't even sign with a major record label until '04- in fact, she started out as a Christian/Gospel/Rock singer! Her Gospel fans may approve that she "kissed a girl", but they won't be happy that "she liked it." (Bahahaha! Sorry- couldn’t help it.)
    4) They do have similar features, however they are nothing alike, and Perry bashed Zooey when interviewers comment on this. What an idiot! Katy Perry couldn't hold a candle to Zooey Deschanel even if she held in her farts long enough to keep it lit. NOT just as a singer, but in life!

    Katy Perry = Fake.
    Zooey Deschanel = Goddess.

  15. Liser 21 January 2011 at 2:21 pm #

    Wow. Okay some thoughts, Part 1:
    1- Zooey Deschanel is not only a wonderful actress; she is a singer, songwriter, musician and live performer- and a she's REALLY GOOD at all of it. If you don’t know that yet- CHECK IT OUT!
    2- Katy Perry blatantly lets it known that she has no personal sense of style- she wears what she is told is "popular." Zooey Deschanel is an Indie fashion icon for our generation, right up there with Jenny Lewis. Her style isn’t “kooky", and Perry's is non-existent.

    **haha sorry I put these posts in the wrong order. READ THIS ONE FIRST

  16. anonymous 29 January 2011 at 1:41 pm #

    Zooey is prettier.

  17. oceans 14 February 2011 at 11:31 am #

    8 out of 8! we ruleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. this is the best game ever. this post goes out to everyone that is a taster. they should of just showed picz of their tongues because then i would be able to tell… not like thatttt but because i can recognize all tasters! except i don’t know which one is a taster or not. i’m not a taster. are you?
    ps: taster=certainpeoplecantasteptcmyspacebarstoppedworkingdramatically JUST KIDDING!

  18. ^^look up 14 February 2011 at 11:33 am #

    wow what a weirdo!
    anyway, 8 out of 8.
    go zooey and katy! both girls are so talented! muy talentosas

  19. Jim 25 February 2011 at 3:29 pm #


  20. PATSLOVER1213 26 February 2011 at 11:50 pm #

    hey, they do look ''a''like .Just 1 thing,……………….

    THEY R THE SAME PERSON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE NO 1 THINKS THEY R 2 DIFFERENT PEOPLE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Katy Perry is the famous person who has pics posted up on that page

  21. Patslover1213 26 February 2011 at 11:54 pm #

    just kidding ………………………………………………………………………….

  22. cool jem#1 27 February 2011 at 12:02 am #

    um i think that u guys should vote for……..???????? um oh yah ''patslover1213''………….well that's just what i think. If u dont thats fine but i just kind of like what Patslover1213 thinks

    P.S. If any of u dont know how to vote for Patslover1213 just click on the thumbs up in the right corner

  23. PATSLOVER1213 27 February 2011 at 12:18 am #

    u know what i can tell the difference between Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel because Katy is a bit better looking than Zooey
    no offense 2 the people who like zooey and zooey

  24. zig 20 March 2011 at 8:12 am #

    id bang both with the exact same passion

  25. Emilia 6 April 2011 at 5:37 pm #

    8/8 :) But I'm a huge Zooey fan, so I can tell them apart pretty well. :P

  26. angeliseraphim 13 April 2011 at 6:18 pm #

    it's easy to see who's who if you compare with their boob sizes. Katy Perry has considerably bigger boobs than Zooey Deschanel

  27. Zooey rocks 6 June 2011 at 2:18 am #

    8/8 – I’ve only seen Zooey in 500 days of summer (three times) and hardly seen Katy Perry, but I can tell Zooey in every picture from Katy. :D

    Though I have to admit they do look very very similar.

  28. bubbles 8 July 2011 at 2:03 am #

    I thought Zooey's sister Emily was related at first till i gogled it all.. thought maybe cousins or auntie & niece.. but no.. found out Emily was Zooey's sister…. O.O but the sisters do look like Katy Perry tho.. amazing!

  29. bubbles 8 July 2011 at 2:07 am #

    another way to tell the different is the jaw line.. Katy's goes up but Zooey's goes straight back like her sister's .. their face are more square like.. Katy's has more of a light bulb kinda shape face

  30. Tom 3 August 2011 at 4:25 pm #

    It would be trickier if the pictures were from the neck up, Katy has huge boobs, Zooey doesn't.

  31. ross 11 August 2011 at 6:19 pm #

    katy perry is much better.. just saying,.

  32. Sophia 12 August 2011 at 11:53 pm #

    i got them all right, but how come in number 3 Katy has blue eyes and Zooey has brown, when it's really the opposite?

  33. Pudding 18 August 2011 at 10:20 pm #

    Got them all right! ^^

    I think they're pretty different; it's hard to tell at the odd times, but usually it's easy to tell them apart. Zooey has a classier sense of style, and Katy is more off-beat. :)

  34. dana 6 September 2011 at 1:55 am #

    Can't tell them apart most of the pic. I suck when it comes to identification of minor details.

  35. Kimberly 8 September 2011 at 2:24 pm #

    It's easy to tell them apart when you see them without makeup. Zooey is naturally beautiful, but Katy's face is actually a lot different w/o makeup. Not that she's ugly, but her eyes are more round and bulgy, and she makes them look more almond-shaped (like Zooey's naturally are) with eye liner. Also, Katy is a natural blonde (well, kind of a dirty blonde, bordering on light brown). I think Katy basically stole Zooey's look.

  36. joe 11 September 2011 at 2:55 am #

    They just played Almost Famous on TV and I thought for sure it was Katy Perry. She was cute in this and Elf. Zooey Deschanel. Zooey Deschanel. I'll try, but I doubt I'll remember her name.

  37. Kerson 3 October 2011 at 6:58 pm #

    I got them all right! … and I probably guessed on most of them! So just good luck! They do look alike a lot!!

  38. Malik 4 October 2011 at 1:16 am #

    So please explain the difference in breasts size?

  39. Lia 16 October 2011 at 8:09 pm #

    I got them all! :D

  40. Casey 22 October 2011 at 4:11 am #

    it's mainly the outfits that give it away as to whose who in my opinion…

  41. blablabla 1 November 2011 at 12:55 pm #


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  43. Julie 21 December 2011 at 8:18 am #

    goodness, they could be like twins that were seperated at birth. i mean, they look alike and can sing well !

  44. Brandie 21 December 2011 at 7:13 pm #

    Yupp, I know my Katy Perry!

  45. angel 28 December 2011 at 3:35 pm #

    I got most of them right, but mostly because from observing, it feels like they have very different sort of personality and looks. To me, Zooey seems more elegant and cute, while Katy's more out of this world and outgoing.

  46. Kimberley 30 December 2011 at 2:00 am #

    It's the hair and make up. Compare movie Elf to TV show New Girl. In New Girl the girls match with dark hair and dark make up around the eyes. In Elf Zooey has blonde hair and no dark make up around her eyes and the girls look different. They seem to copy each other with poses too.

    Oh and Katy is 28 Zooey is 23.

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  48. hm 18 January 2012 at 8:21 pm #

    There’s actually a few other celebrities who look like them too. If only you knew why this was.


  49. bossrat 24 January 2012 at 8:50 am #

    Deschanel has ear lobes; Perry does not.

  50. anneke 24 January 2012 at 6:39 pm #

    I know katy likes fruit and I know what she likes to wear, so it wasn't that hard. But still very confusing sometimes, their faces are almost the same. must be scary for them to found out there was a double.


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