Music Version of Digg: The Sixty One

Posted by The Gimcracker in Music, Stuff On The Internet on 03. Jan, 2008 | 9 Comments

So, you are addicted to Digg like me? And you like music? Then The Sixty One is your final destination. The Sixty One, in a nutshell, is a web site where artists post songs and everyone “bumps” (votes for) the songs they like. Then the songs move up the charts and can make it to [...]

Ryan Adams at The Murat

Posted by The Gimcracker in Music on 25. Oct, 2007 | 4 Comments

Yeah, he can definitely rock out when he wants to. He can also put you to sleep. That’s not a bad thing, unless it’s 11:00pm and you have to drive home after the concert and work the next day. I bought my tickets for this concert the moment they became available during the pre-sale, and [...]

My Music’s Safe. Is Yours?

Posted by The Gimcracker in Music, Stuff On The Internet on 07. Sep, 2007 | 2 Comments

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: two priests and a rabbi walk into a bar, and my hard drive crashes and I lose my entire music library. That means I lost not only the purchased music for which I do not own physical backups (e.g. iTunes downloads, CDs I’ve lost, CDs I’ve illegally [...]

Deezer: French for Music. Or Weezer. Not Sure Yet.

Posted by The Gimcracker in Music, Stuff On The Internet on 23. Aug, 2007 | No Comments

Once upon a time there was a site called Blogmusik or something like that. Well, long story short, they faced legal troubles due to their music distribution policies, but ultimately won in the end, changing their name to Deezer to mark the occasion. It’s a French site but the only time you’ll ever know the [...]

Snow Patrol Again; This Time 1st Row

Posted by The Gimcracker in Music on 05. Aug, 2007 | 4 Comments

The show was shorter but the venue was much better than when we saw them in Chicago at The Aragon. They still interacted with the crowd just like in Chicago and they still played their songs with amazing energy and spirit. This was the last show of their North American tour, and possibly their entire [...]

The return of THIEF IN THE NIGHT

Posted by The Gimcracker in Music, Stuff On The Internet on 10. May, 2007 | No Comments

‘s website. LOL n00bs, L2P. I was going through some old projects and came across this mock-up of a new Thief in the Night website I was working on, when, alas, they broke up. Obviously the domain is no longer there, but I have hosted it on my site for archival purposes. There’s not much [...]

Awesome show, despite venue (and opener)

Posted by The Gimcracker in Music on 06. Apr, 2007 | 1 Comment

I don’t go to concerts near as much as a certain friend of mine or a certain sister in law of mine. That being said, Snow Patrol is great live. I caught the show at the Aragon in Chicago with openers Silverun Pickups and Ok Go! If you get a chance to see SP live [...]

Make your own playlists

Posted by The Gimcracker in Music, Stuff On The Internet on 04. Apr, 2007 | 2 Comments

You’ve probably been exposed to streaming radio sites such as Yahoo! Launchcast or Pandora Internet Radio. They’re cool sites and all, but some of them require more information than I want to give and constantly prod me to sign up for something. I’m not big on paying for music that I don’t get to keep. [...]

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