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Why I Read “Basic Instructions”

Posted by The Gimcracker on October 9, 2008
Posted under intarwebs, music, rofl, sports

A while back, a good friend introduced me to the web comic called Basic Instructions. As I’m writing this the website is down, and I’m pretty sure it’s because today’s strip is hilarious and everyone’s reading it. It must have gotten submitted to Digg or something. If you don’t read this comic, you should. I’m probably the millionth person to blog about how you should read Basic Instructions if you don’t already, but for whatever it’s worth, I give it my seal of approval. Here is today’s strip:

I think I have a lot in common with the guy who writes this comic strip. Meh, everyone probably thinks they do. Just like everyone thinks their boss is worse than Micheal Scott. If your boss was really worse than Micheal Scott, do you really think he would still be your boss? No, he would be in jail and bankrupt.

Slo-Mo Face Punching

Posted by The Gimcracker on September 29, 2008
Posted under amazing, gaming, music, rofl, video

Need I say more? Best video evar. You can view it embedded below, but there’s an even better version of it that I highly recommend here: Slo-Mo Face Punching.

Cats Are Funny. Here’s Proof.

Posted by The Gimcracker on September 16, 2008
Posted under rofl, video

Well my cat Remy just caught and killed a bird. She’s Basement Cat because she’s all black, so what did you expect? My wife flipped out because Remy was trying to revive the dead bird so she could play with it more, and occasionally she would look up at us with white feathers all around her mouth. It was simultaneously the worst thing my wife has ever seen and the best thing I have ever seen.

So, in honor of dear, precious Remy, I’ve decided to share some really funny cat videos with you. If you only have time for two videos, make them the last two.

Mistake Cat

Not all cats are purrrrrfect. (terrible joke = /wrists)

Dramatic Cat

Another one similar to the dramatic hamster. I watched this skeptically because nothing can beat the original, but I’m going to go ahead and say this might give the original a run for it’s money.

Angry Cat

What the hell is she thinking? (has to be a female with that bitchy attitude)

Talking Cats

This one just plain brightened my day.

***WARNING*** 2 really funny videos coming up!!!!!

Printer Cat

Whoever did the sound effects for this video deserves an Oscar. It’s one of those videos that gets funnier as you watch it.

Ninja Cat

And finally this is by far the funniest cat video I’ve ever seen. I wish this was my cat.

Office Graphs

Posted by The Gimcracker on August 18, 2008
Posted under ichc, rofl

Here are some office graphs that some people have sent me in response to the ones I posted.

by Phil

by Phil

by Phil

by Phil

by Phil

by Jonathan

by Jonathan

by Chris

Tell them what you think in the comments. I really like “How Princess Leia And I Are Different”.

Probability of Princess Whereabouts

Posted by The Gimcracker on August 14, 2008
Posted under ichc, rofl

My fourth attempt.


Check it out, this graph made it to the front page of Graph Jam: