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Wes Welker Gets Jacked Up

Posted by The Gimcracker on December 3, 2008
Posted under amazing, sports

I don’t like The Patriots. And I don’t like Wes Welker. So the following video greatly pleased me. Keep in mind, I’m speaking on a professional level here. I’m sure in real life Wes Welker is… probably an arrogant jerk.

Jacked Up

Posted by The Gimcracker on November 19, 2008
Posted under amazing, sports, video

I love when football players get hit. That’s why I have a Bob Sanders jersey. I can’t stand watching athletes get injured, yet I love when they get jacked up. Go figure.

Watching the Colts beat Houston this past Sunday, especially when Sage Rosenfels begins to weep after he throws that last interception, reminded me of when Marlin Jackson gave him a helicopter ride earlier in the season. I feel I owe the Colts an homage of various football hits because of this.

Football to the groin

Football to the head

Helmet to the head:
(happens at :25)

Offense to the kicker
(happens at 1:10)

Kicker to the offense

Defense to the offense:

And finally, some great Colts-specific hits that we’ve all seen before but are worth revisiting as we approach the latter part of the NFL season:

Antoine Bethea vs. Falcons:

Bob Sanders vs Jaguars:

Darrel Reid vs. Chris Henry:
(best hit ever)


Rare clip from 1970 of Tony Dungy tackling someone so hard that both of their shoes fly off:

Why I Read “Basic Instructions”

Posted by The Gimcracker on October 9, 2008
Posted under intarwebs, music, rofl, sports

A while back, a good friend introduced me to the web comic called Basic Instructions. As I’m writing this the website is down, and I’m pretty sure it’s because today’s strip is hilarious and everyone’s reading it. It must have gotten submitted to Digg or something. If you don’t read this comic, you should. I’m probably the millionth person to blog about how you should read Basic Instructions if you don’t already, but for whatever it’s worth, I give it my seal of approval. Here is today’s strip:

I think I have a lot in common with the guy who writes this comic strip. Meh, everyone probably thinks they do. Just like everyone thinks their boss is worse than Micheal Scott. If your boss was really worse than Micheal Scott, do you really think he would still be your boss? No, he would be in jail and bankrupt.

DeSean Jackson: Talented Idiot

Posted by The Gimcracker on September 16, 2008
Posted under sports, stupidity, video

In case you missed the Monday Night Football game last night between Philly and Dallas, I’d like to show you something.

First of all, the game was amazing, and I don’t regret how tired I am this morning due to watching the entire game.

Secondly, I hate Terrell Owens. He was the only player that didn’t go across and shake hands with the opposing team, even though he won. He stayed away from center field and gloated to the crowd by himself so the cameramen would have to choose to either film everyone else shaking hands in the middle of the field, or run over and give him all the glory (which he didn’t deserve - I would give more glory to Witten in last night’s game than Owens).

And third but definitely not least, DeSean Jackson had an amazing TD catch, but threw it away like a fool because of his over-inflated ego. I’ll let the video do the talking:

My favorite part is when Mike Tirico (I think) says “That is VERY close. It’s… well it’s a great dance, but, let’s take a peek here.” This was not a touchdown and was ruled dead at the 1-yard line. The Eagles did end up scoring on the next play, but Jackson’s stats have one less TD reception, and McNabb’s stats have one less TD pass, all because of Jackson’s ego.

Now, here’s why I label DeSean Jackson an idiot. This is not the first time this has happened. He did a possibly even dumber thing on a TD run in the 2005 U.S. Army All-American Bowl:

Clearly he’s talented. But he’s also, now, an idiot. I was so glad I wasn’t an Eagles fan when I saw that happen. Can you imagine Wayne, Harrison, Gonzo, or Clark doing that? I would be ashamed to call myself a Colts fan.

Jim Mora & Christian Lander: They’ve Got Something In Common

Posted by The Gimcracker on September 4, 2008
Posted under news, sports

TV and football, that’s what.

There’s a new Coors Light press conference commercial tonight during the opening game of the NFL, featuring Jim Mora. Hopefully it will be as funny as his first one:

Also, if you’re like me and you read Stuff White People Like, I’ve got some news for you. The author, Christian Lander, is going to be appearing live on Conan O’Brien this Friday night.

And I bet you didn’t even know he was in a commercial, did you? Have you seen the new ads for NCAA Football ‘09? That’s Christian Lander. I recognized him the first time I saw it because of the pictures he sometimes puts himself in on his blog. Here’s the clip:

So, you have two awesome things happening on TV over the next two nights. Not to mention the defending Super Bowl champs against the Redskins starting at 7pm EST tonight. You’re welcome.


“Please nod if you like the following.”

ROFL - great commercial.