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  1. Arthur 13 August 2009 at 3:52 pm #

    Ol' boy just went off on America. Haha, nice post.

    A few thoughts:

    1) I'm not sure I'd put any weight on online user critiques. Especially the Yahoo users one. First off, as you said, the film industry "will do whatever they can get away with to cause consumers to spend money." I imagine it's fairly simple to create a bot that creates hundreds of email accounts, then gives a high rating to any film. That would be the first thing I'd do if I made a major movie, is to find a way to swamp these film critic sites with good reviews. Maybe I'm just super pessimistic, but if I had to guess, I'd say around 20% of those A+s were fake accounts.

    2) Only people who saw the movie are going to be able to rate it. I'm a part of the millions who won't be watching this movie until it's on DVD, if ever. In general, if you were willing to see the movie in the first place, chances are you enjoy that kind of no-substance action flick. This, in opposition to real critics who are forced to watch it.

    3) If you spent the $30+ to take a date to the movie and buy popcorn, or went to see it with a bunch of friends or something, you probably will want to justify that time and money spent and may have actually enjoyed the whole experience. Much like you with Stormship Troopers. I saw that a few months ago, and man, it really is terrible. The average American isn't going to be able to separate those feelings from the actual quality of the movie.

    4) People who liked the movie are probably more likely to take the time to rate it. I imagine most folks were like, "meh, I was mildly entertained." They aren't going to take the time to rate anything. You'd have to absolutely hate it and be disgusted with yourself for wasting money to do that.

    5) It's one of those blockbuster movies that everyone feels like they have to see. Unfortunately, there are lots of those. People are going to go see it just because. It is sick though that such crappy films can make sooo much money.

    Dangit, I had a few more thoughts, but can't remember them now and I've already written a novel. Anyway, happy Friday.

  2. brianmcculloh 17 August 2009 at 3:40 pm #

    Good points. I didn't take into account that the movie studios could be swaying the user opinions by bombarding them with good reviews. I also didn't take into account who is more likely to rate a film. Film critics rate all films they see, and see all films they can (not just movies that look good to them). Regular people only go see movies they already think are going to be good, which explains the higher user ratings.

    i will say this: I don't think that 20% of the Yahoo movie ratings were bots, simply because Yahoo incorporates a word-image association when signing up for accounts, which means a human actually has to be the one signing up. However that doesn't mean a movie studio won't stoop so low as to hire people to manually create thousands of accounts by hand. Who knows?

    Also, one other thing to consider. It is fun to rate a good movie, but sometimes it can be even more fun to rip a movie apart. If you see a movie that you liked, you tell people you liked it and move on. When you see a movie you hate, you feel ripped off ($10 for that!?) and you feel the urge to tell others not to see it, thus maybe you're more inclined to log on to a place like Yahoo movies and give it a bad rating. Or maybe that's just me.

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