Tony Dungy Short Retrospective Video on

Posted by The Gimcracker in Sports on 13. Jan, 2009 | 1 Comment

Tony Dungy has retired from the game of football as many have predicted he would this season. I’m very sad to see him go as he is one of the most respected coaches in all of football, and one of the most dignified men ever to have played the game. I actually am looking forward to all the segments on Sportscenter over the next few weeks and all of the commentary on why he should or shouldn’t have retired, because it will be nice to see how widely respected he is around the league.

Wes Welker Gets Jacked Up

Posted by The Gimcracker in Amazing, Sports on 03. Dec, 2008 | No Comments

I don’t like The Patriots. And I don’t like Wes Welker. So the following video greatly pleased me. Keep in mind, I’m speaking on a professional level here. I’m sure in real life Wes Welker is… probably an arrogant jerk.

Jacked Up

Posted by The Gimcracker in Amazing, Sports on 19. Nov, 2008 | 1 Comment

I love when football players get hit. That’s why I have a Bob Sanders jersey. I can’t stand watching athletes get injured, yet I love when they get jacked up. Go figure. Watching the Colts beat Houston this past Sunday, especially when Sage Rosenfels begins to weep after he throws that last interception, reminded me [...]

DeSean Jackson: Talented Idiot

Posted by The Gimcracker in Fail, Sports on 16. Sep, 2008 | No Comments

In case you missed the Monday Night Football game last night between Philly and Dallas, I’d like to show you something. First of all, the game was amazing, and I don’t regret how tired I am this morning due to watching the entire game. Secondly, I hate Terrell Owens. He was the only player that [...]

Jim Mora & Christian Lander: They’ve Got Something In Common

Posted by The Gimcracker in News, Sports on 04. Sep, 2008 | 1 Comment

TV and football, that’s what. There’s a new Coors Light press conference commercial tonight during the opening game of the NFL, featuring Jim Mora. Hopefully it will be as funny as his first one: Also, if you’re like me and you read Stuff White People Like, I’ve got some news for you. The author, Christian [...]

What Is An Electrolyte?

Posted by The Gimcracker in Blogging, Sports on 03. Jun, 2008 | 10 Comments

I was reading this post about salt tablets taken during long distance running on this blog about running and started thinking to myself, “why do you need salt if you run for a long distance?” This prompted me to click on the website for S!Caps where I kept seeing the words like sodium, potassium, and [...]

Indianapolis To Host 2012 Super Bowl

Posted by The Gimcracker in News, Sports on 20. May, 2008 | 7 Comments

You heard it here first! It’s not even on yet, so I can’t give you any other details other than I have received confirmation that we have won the 2012 Super Bowl bid for sure! GO COLTS!!! *Update* More info here and here

LOLheads – The Bilger Woodichick

Posted by The Gimcracker in LOLheads, Sports on 16. Apr, 2008 | 2 Comments

Our LOLheads department snapped this doozy of Tiger Woods after he placed second in the Masters a few days ago. We detected strong levels of simultaneous smugness and self-loathing emanating from his curiously dark Asian forearms, and when we looked up we saw a face to match it. He resembled one of the greatest smug-and-self-loathing-at-the-same-time [...]

The True Man’s Sport

Posted by The Gimcracker in Manliness, Sports on 11. Mar, 2008 | 3 Comments

Hockey. I attend an annual Illini hockey game with a bunch of my friends. If anyone knows me, they know I turn insane with joy when there’s even a hint of a disagreement between two players which could possibly end up as a pathetic, wavering, unbalanced, slippery fight. Had I attended the hockey game in [...]

Patriots are 18-1*

Posted by The Gimcracker in Sports on 04. Feb, 2008 | 5 Comments

A lot of people lost a bunch of money yesterday, and a few people can now retire. The Giants weren’t supposed to win. No one thought the Giants could beat the Patriots. This is somewhat of a surprise to me since the Giants almost handed it to them a few weeks back, losing by only [...]

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