Finally, Bruce Willis Says It

Posted by The Gimcracker in Movies, News on 16. May, 2007 | 2 Comments

Bruce Willis Tells Hollywood to Shut Up. That’s right, you heard me correctly. I’m so tired of Hollywood telling people how they should live their lives, what’s right and wrong, and how much better they are than us. I mean, just read my brother’s post about Sheryl Crow’s stupidity. Bruce, keep rocking my socks off. [...]

It’s Official, Yot Becomes Main Toon

Posted by The Gimcracker in Gaming on 15. May, 2007 | No Comments

I remember back when my paladin was edging closer and closer to the coveted level 60 by questing in the highest level places like the Plaguelands and Silithist. Now he’s sitting in Shattrath City drinking ale with a bunch of drunken Scryers. I got him all the way to 70 and bought him a nice [...]

The return of THIEF IN THE NIGHT

Posted by The Gimcracker in Music, Stuff On The Internet on 10. May, 2007 | No Comments

‘s website. LOL n00bs, L2P. I was going through some old projects and came across this mock-up of a new Thief in the Night website I was working on, when, alas, they broke up. Obviously the domain is no longer there, but I have hosted it on my site for archival purposes. There’s not much [...]

Top Fiver #2: Most Re-watchable Movies

Posted by The Gimcracker in Movies, Top Fivers on 08. May, 2007 | 13 Comments

Gyaaaaarrrr! Time for another edition of Ye Old Top Fiver, ya land lubbers! I saw Spidey 3 on Saturday at a brand new IMAX theater with 12 thousand jigawatts of Dolby sound (I’ve never figured out what other kind of sound there is besides Dolby) which got me all worked up in a fit about [...]

Blizzard Pays You to Smoke Play Their Crack Game

Posted by The Gimcracker in Gaming, News on 04. May, 2007 | 5 Comments

Yes, those are World of Warcraft credit cards. Yes, puppies will start dying soon. There was a time when I thought the maker of World of Warcraft had a soul. But I recently found out yet again that a corporation cannot have a soul any more than a Mac user can have respect for a [...]

Top Fiver #1: Favorite Azerothian Zones

Posted by The Gimcracker in Gaming, Top Fivers on 25. Apr, 2007 | No Comments

I spent so much time recently in Outlands with my level 70 paladin that I started getting pretty nostalgic about life back in good ol’ Azeroth. I created a few new characters, namely my tauren druid, and I’ve been loving the simple life of the 10s and 20s. I recently got my night elf priest [...]

Wow, WoW’s still going strong

Posted by The Gimcracker in Gaming on 18. Apr, 2007 | No Comments

I don’t think I’ve ever played a game as consistently as I’ve played WoW the past 16 months. There are only two games I’ve played that have rivaled WoW in /played time, and they are Heroes of Might & Magic III and Half Life 2/Counter-Strike: Source. I’m sitting here with a 70 paladin with 23 [...]

Awesome show, despite venue (and opener)

Posted by The Gimcracker in Music on 06. Apr, 2007 | 1 Comment

I don’t go to concerts near as much as a certain friend of mine or a certain sister in law of mine. That being said, Snow Patrol is great live. I caught the show at the Aragon in Chicago with openers Silverun Pickups and Ok Go! If you get a chance to see SP live [...]

Make your own playlists

Posted by The Gimcracker in Music, Stuff On The Internet on 04. Apr, 2007 | 2 Comments

You’ve probably been exposed to streaming radio sites such as Yahoo! Launchcast or Pandora Internet Radio. They’re cool sites and all, but some of them require more information than I want to give and constantly prod me to sign up for something. I’m not big on paying for music that I don’t get to keep. [...]

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