It’s Official, Yot Becomes Main Toon

I remember back when my paladin was edging closer and closer to the coveted level 60 by questing in the highest level places like the Plaguelands and Silithist. Now he’s sitting in Shattrath City drinking ale with a bunch of drunken Scryers. I got him all the way to 70 and bought him a nice snowy griffen mount before I decided I didn’t want to play him anymore. At least not enough to keep him as my main.

There’s a new kid in town. Well I guess I should say there’s an old bald wizard in town. His name is Yot and he’s hungry for the Outlands. There he is riding his horsey in Silverpine Forest on his way to kick some butt in the Scarlet Monastery (I need to get some updated screenshots as that was about 15 levels ago). The reason I decided to make Yot my main is because he is simply more fun to play than my paladin.

Sure, I’m going to miss not dying. I mean, my paladin could outlast any opponent. The trouble is, a paladin simply can’t DPS like a mage, which means he can’t succeed in player-vs-player combat. Plus he has no way of stun-locking players like a mage or rogue, so if he does get in range of slaying a foe, all they have to do is run away.

That being said, here’s something I’m going to miss: having awesome fiery angel wings shoot out of my back whenever I want (ok, there’s like a 60-second cooldown on them, but still). The holy warrior of God thing really appeals to me, as does choosing between being a damager, healer, or tank. With Yot I have only two roles, crowd control and DPS, and I don’t get to choose between them because I’m required to do both.

I don’t care though. Yot is 54 and he is very close to the Outlands. Heck, he’s already been there – in fact his home is set to Shattrath City. Mages get to instantly port to any city, which means I get to use a Boeing 747 for all my annoying FedEx quests while you have to use a rickety old FedEx Ground box truck.

One last screenshot to say goodbye to Atanamir, the male human paladin from Elwyn Forest. I call it “Atanamir turns 70, and dies.” I’ll miss you, little buddy.

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