Why I Don’t Have AT&T UVerse (Yet)

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This post is not anti-AT&T or any other provider. It is simply a factual comparison of prices for various cable/Internet services, which is a pretty hot topic right now. Hotter than your mom.

The World’s Perception Of Evil Is Mostly Wrong

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Take this Antichrist trailer for instance. Watch The Exorcist or any other horror movie about “evil”. That’s what people think evil is. They think it’s blatant, violent, frightening imagery and that demons are ugly, ferocious beasts that make you want to flee. The stereotypes of hell and evil and the devil are a tad askew.

Moon Trailer

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I have always liked Sam Rockwell. He was good in The Green Mile, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and Matchstick Men. Apparently he is going to play Justin Hammer in Iron Man II. But what I want to focus on now is this trailer for this movie with this guy and this demented computer about the Moon, called Moon. Looks like another movie with my favorite kind of storytelling.

Chewbacca Chord On Guitar

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You know how it seems like there’s nothing left to discover?

Soundtrack To Get You Going At Work

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I need to be inspired to be productive. There is no intrinsic desire within me to work, trust me. There are lots of things that can inspire me to work, most of them having to do with music. We all have playlists of our favorite songs to get us motivated to work, hype us up for sports, or prepare us to party on a Friday night.

There are a lot of good songs out there to listen to for any number of reasons. But there is nothing like a good film score to motivate you. I’ve got plenty of soundtracks queued up in iTunes for just such occasions, and I tap my film score playlist up to 2-3 times per week.

Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals

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Here’s a little gift for you. Wish you could play Doom at work? In your browser? Well someone made it so. Click the screenshot to go to Kongregate and play it. Free. YYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!111one1


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So THAT’S the name of this song! I heard it on a Simpsons episode. I didn’t know the name of the episode, so I had to search for “the Simpsons where they spoof The Perfect Storm”. I found out the name of the episode is The Wife Aquatic. Then I searched Google for “simpsons: the [...]

5 Best Uses Of Music In A Commercial

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You know how the taste of something is like 50% based on smell, and communication is like 90% based on your body language? Well I submit that commercials are 100% based on the background music.

The genius ad agencies are the ones that grab your attention. It’s hard to grab peoples’ attention using visuals since most people look away during the commercials, plus the fact that we’re constantly barraged with visuals as we’re watching TV, so our eyes become used to constant stimulus.

5 Annoying Comedy Character Clichés

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There’s nothing worse than a cliché. They were obviously invented for a good reason. Sometimes you don’t feel like explaining something the old-fashioned way, such as using logic and meaningful words, so it’s easier to just use a cliché.

The problem is people use clichés much too frequently, causing them to A) lose their poignancy and B) get really annoying. Even the word cliché has become a cliché, which has caused a recursive lapse in the time-space continuum – similar to what would happen if you were to make two mirrors reflect each other. Thank goodness no one has ever tried that.

Even more annoying than clichéd words and phrases are film elements, such as plot lines, endings, actors, and characters. Today we will focus on the latter.

Why Do People Hate Titanic?

Posted by The Gimcracker in Movies, Theory & Philosophy on 12. Aug, 2008 | 10 Comments

Pop Aversion Theory™ That’s why. Let me tell you about a new theory that is blowing the minds of scientists and philosophizers ’round the globe. It’s called Pop Aversion Theory™ (PAT™) and it was discovered by the same great mind that brought us Reference Burst Theory™. Mine. I recently took a movie compatibility quiz on [...]

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