Reader Challenge: Can You Find The Weather?

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By now we all use Gmail for our personal E-mail and most of us are utilizing a cool theme. You might be using Summer Ocean or Beach if you have a tropical vacation coming up. Maybe you use Phantasea or Mountains if you want to pretend like you are in nature while you’re reading your email. Or if you’re a nerd you could be using Planets or Terminal (Terminal’s tight!). There are tons of cool pre-built themes for Gmail. The only exception is Zoozimps. I just can’t possibly see any reason for using that theme.

I personally prefer the theme called Tree because it changes with the weather. All you have to do is type in your city when you select the theme and it takes care of the rest. It’s awesome, and also very accurate. No joke – one time I was checking my email and saw that it was snowing on the screen behind my emails and then I turned my head and looked out the window and sure enough it was snowing. Had it not been for my Gmail theme I might have never known! Based on this principal I have thought of a really fun challenge that you can do. It’s pretty hard because I haven’t even been able to complete it yet. So it’s hard and it’s fun. At least it’s fun, though.

Where Will Amazing Happen?

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I have been watching the NBA Playoffs this year. I don’t know why I have. I just have. I really like this year’s commercials because they make basketball seem good again even though it’s not good. It’s not good at all. But when you put it in black & white and add poignant piano music, it becomes epic.

The videos are after the jump. They get really good towards the bottom. Hint hint. What I mean by hint hint is that is they get funny. You gotta be kidding me that I have to spell things out like that.

The World’s Perception Of Evil Is Mostly Wrong

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Take this Antichrist trailer for instance. Watch The Exorcist or any other horror movie about “evil”. That’s what people think evil is. They think it’s blatant, violent, frightening imagery and that demons are ugly, ferocious beasts that make you want to flee. The stereotypes of hell and evil and the devil are a tad askew.

Mythbusters Pancakes A Car

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Do you sort of watch Mythbusters if you happen to flip to it when there’s not really anything else on and then you keep watching because you enjoy how much the chick looks like the annoying Progressive commercial lady and how sorta cool the stuff they do is sometimes a little bit? If so, you’ll probably have the same initial reaction to this video as I did: “meh, i’ll watch it.” Trust me, after you watch it, your reaction will change a bit: “holy eff i’m bloggin this!” Too bad you don’t have a blog though. And if you Twitter it I will disable your Twitter account because I know how to do that.

Chewbacca Chord On Guitar

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You know how it seems like there’s nothing left to discover?

Why I Am A Libertarian

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I am a Libertarian because there is a huge difference between the following two phrases:

A) The government should protect us from ourselves.

B) The government should protect us from others.

Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs

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This video goes to show that you that not everyone on TV is an idiot. Mike Rowe is a changed man from his experience on Dirty Jobs, and this talk he gives at a conference in Silicon Valley is very insightful. I always thought he just read from cue cards like every other character on TV, but now I realize he’s the one writing them.

Wes Welker Gets Jacked Up

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I don’t like The Patriots. And I don’t like Wes Welker. So the following video greatly pleased me. Keep in mind, I’m speaking on a professional level here. I’m sure in real life Wes Welker is… probably an arrogant jerk.

Jacked Up

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I love when football players get hit. That’s why I have a Bob Sanders jersey. I can’t stand watching athletes get injured, yet I love when they get jacked up. Go figure. Watching the Colts beat Houston this past Sunday, especially when Sage Rosenfels begins to weep after he throws that last interception, reminded me [...]

Slo-Mo Face Punching

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Need I say more? Best video evar. You can view it embedded below, but there’s an even better version of it that I highly recommend here: Slo-Mo Face Punching.

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