Where Will Amazing Happen?

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I have been watching the NBA Playoffs this year. I don’t know why I have. I just have. I really like this year’s commercials because they make basketball seem good again even though it’s not good. It’s not good at all. But when you put it in black & white and add poignant piano music, it becomes epic.

The videos are after the jump. They get really good towards the bottom. Hint hint. What I mean by hint hint is that is they get funny. You gotta be kidding me that I have to spell things out like that.

OK, Enough With The Roller Derby Stuff

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I feel like roller derby thinks it’s going to rise up and become a prominent force in our society much like NFL or McDonalds or Paul Walker (just kidding) and I want to sit roller derby down and say to her “you are tenacious but please – enough already” because seriously IT’S FOR LESBIANS. It’s OK that it’s for lesbians, and I am not bashing lesbians in any way shape or form. But the fact is that if something is targeted to such a small slice of the population, it’s not going to become mainstream enough to have any kind of bearing on our culture.

Top 5 Household “Man Zones”

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So you got married. Good for you! You are now living in perfect harmony. Well, you thought you would be living in perfect harmony, right? At least you were hopeful of that, right? Well as you’ve probably found out, that isn’t possible.

Not to worry! I have found the solution. You can give your relationship a real boost in the right direction by creating a “man zone” for yourself and your fellow idiot man friends who have also ended their lives in marriage (I mean that in a positive way).

Tony Dungy Short Retrospective Video on NFL.com

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Tony Dungy has retired from the game of football as many have predicted he would this season. I’m very sad to see him go as he is one of the most respected coaches in all of football, and one of the most dignified men ever to have played the game. I actually am looking forward to all the segments on Sportscenter over the next few weeks and all of the commentary on why he should or shouldn’t have retired, because it will be nice to see how widely respected he is around the league.


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A friend of mine just posted over at Genesis about some manly man things to put on your Christmas list. It got me thinking: what is it that divides regular men from manly men?

Well, Hollywood would have us believe it’s having a lot of money and girlfriends. TV paints a picture of a manly man sitting on his barcalounger drinking manly beer and watching sports. Some would go so far as to say a man is not manly at all unless he is a coal miner, lumberjack, or biker, who eats huge fattening fast food sandwiches.

You’re doing it wrong.

Wes Welker Gets Jacked Up

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I don’t like The Patriots. And I don’t like Wes Welker. So the following video greatly pleased me. Keep in mind, I’m speaking on a professional level here. I’m sure in real life Wes Welker is… probably an arrogant jerk.

Jacked Up

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I love when football players get hit. That’s why I have a Bob Sanders jersey. I can’t stand watching athletes get injured, yet I love when they get jacked up. Go figure. Watching the Colts beat Houston this past Sunday, especially when Sage Rosenfels begins to weep after he throws that last interception, reminded me [...]

DeSean Jackson: Talented Idiot

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In case you missed the Monday Night Football game last night between Philly and Dallas, I’d like to show you something. First of all, the game was amazing, and I don’t regret how tired I am this morning due to watching the entire game. Secondly, I hate Terrell Owens. He was the only player that [...]

Jim Mora & Christian Lander: They’ve Got Something In Common

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TV and football, that’s what. There’s a new Coors Light press conference commercial tonight during the opening game of the NFL, featuring Jim Mora. Hopefully it will be as funny as his first one: Also, if you’re like me and you read Stuff White People Like, I’ve got some news for you. The author, Christian [...]

What Is An Electrolyte?

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I was reading this post about salt tablets taken during long distance running on this blog about running and started thinking to myself, “why do you need salt if you run for a long distance?” This prompted me to click on the website for S!Caps where I kept seeing the words like sodium, potassium, and [...]

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