Twitter Can Be Bad For You… Part VI

By now you know I’m against tweeting on Twitter (I don’t have a problem if you use Twitter to follow interesting/professional/famous peoples’ tweets, though). I have always been adamantly opposed to the shift in our society towards zero privacy, and Twitter is a huge jump towards that end. So, naturally, I’m opposed to the idea of regular people using Twitter to tweet what they’re doing at all times.

I don’t have a Facebook account or a home phone because I happen to be a private person, maybe more so than I should be, but I’m still against filling the world in on where I am and what I’m doing every five minutes. With Twitter the principle is the same, but Twitter’s even worse because it has the added element of people thinking everyone is obsessed with their mundane lives (this is called “bragging”, and by the way I hate when bloggers do it, too).

One rule of thumb in life is to measure seven times and cut once. That really applies to writing things down, whether it be an angry email, a drunk Facebook wall post, or an idiotic tweet on Twitter. Why incriminate yourself? You can’t delete an angry, emotional email out of a recipient’s inbox. And starting now, you can’t delete an incriminating tweet from your Twitter account, thanks to a new blog I found called Things You Should Not Twitter.

This blog is pretty much everything I’ve always wanted to create except I was too dumb to think of it myself. For goodness sake, I’ve been keeping my own blog alive recently solely with anti-Twitter posts. Why didn’t I think of this???

I’m pretty sure the person who created this blog is just as anti-Twitter as I am, as he writes: “…I am proud to say this website is powered by Tumblr and is in no way associated with Twitter…” Way to go, Matthew! You’re on the losing side of the battle, but it’s the right side!

*UPDATE* It looks like the Things You Should Not Twitter site is experiencing some technical difficulty. I’ll post another update when I find out what happened with this site.

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