Delete Your Facebook Account

There are a lot of reasons to delete your Facebook account, and I’ve been over a lot of them. But this is the final straw. Get out while you can! Facebook just made all of your stuff public. That’s right, your friends lists, profile pics, fan pages, and network memberships are all public now. I’m so glad I deleted my account permanently (which was rocket science to do, by the way). You should too! If not because it’s a huge waste of time, makes your relationships with some people awkward, and glorifies extroverts and annoying ego-centric people, do it because they are violating your freedom!

Why are they doing it? Twitter. Again, Twitter is the culprit! Twitter has a completely public philosophy, and they are getting lots of traffic because of it. Facebook wants in. That’s right, despite the fact that Facebook has 350 million members and enough monthly bandwidth to generate a treasure chest full of gold and antiquities every second, they still want more money. If everybody’s stuff is public, they can get more traffic, and thus more money. Simple as that. Resistance is not futile! Just delete your account and pick up the damn phone if you want to keep in touch. You don’t even have to call someone – just text ‘em you laggard!

The Gimcracker

Hi, I'm a person who blogs on the Internet and does not have a Facebook or Twitter account. It's like I accepted all new technology up to and including blogging, but then I rejected anything that came along after that. I am Social Media Amish.